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Roundtable: Are We Headed into an Uninsurable Future?

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If there’s one industry that should be responding to climate risk, it’s property insurers. These are the companies holding the bag for climate impacts, right? And yet, we see in the headlines — and maybe experience for ourselves — the crisis in insurance, with brand-name carriers exiting key markets. How is this possible, when there is so much at stake? What more could insurers be doing? What is the role of technology? This session will address these questions and more, in an interactive, provocative discussion format led by InsurTech founders building climate solutions. Whether you are a property owner, an investor, or simply puzzled by insurers’ response to climate risk, join SPUR and expert panelists discuss how to shape the insurance industry for a resilient response to climate risk.

  • Moderator: Sarah Atkinson / Hazard Resilience Senior Policy Manager
  • Alisa Valderrama / Co-founder and CEO, FutureProof
  • Kate Stilwell / Co-founder, Firebreak Risk
  • Kathleen Schaefer / Ph.D Candidate, University of California, Davis


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