City/Cité: Translating Arts and Urban Development

Special Program


Art in Paris' La Défense neighborhood
Image by Flickr user Tiomax80

New developments can radically alter not only the physical form of a place, but also who can, and will, live, shop, work and feel safe there. A single project can serve as an inflection point in a community, with the changes it brings echoing throughout the neighborhood. What can developers and municipalities do to implement culture- and artist-friendly policies in their projects to ensure more equitable cities? How can artists help define and advocate for these policies? Join us to learn about innovative urban and cultural experimentation occurring in both California and France, and the new projects that are shaping places for everyone to belong.

Co-presented by California Humanities and Villa San Francisco.

+ Elisse Douglass / Oakland Black Business Fund
+ Joshua Simon / Community Arts Stabilization Trust
+ Emilie Moreau / Apur, the Paris Urbanism Agency
+ Sophie Rosso / REDMAN
+ Ronak Davé Okoye / SPUR
+ Tommy Wong / Civic Design Studio


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