Oz Erickson

Principal, Emerald Fund

Board of Directors Member

Oz Erickson is the Chairman of Emerald Fund, a San Francisco development firm that builds commercial, retail, and residential projects, among them the 230,000 square foot Potrero Center, the 245-unit Bridgeview development on Rincon Hill, and the 378-unit Oceanview Village development in the Oceanview. Over the years Emerald Fund has built over 3,000 housing units in San Francisco. Oz has been active member many boards and advisory committees, including SPUR, Fannie Mae Bay Area Partnership Office, Friends of City Planning, the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, the San Francisco Parks Alliance and Planned Parenthood (Alameda/San Francisco). In 2018 he finished a thriller, Hyde Park Pursuit, which, for many good reasons, did not make it on the best seller list. Oz is a graduate of Harvard University and Stanford Business School.