Lindsay Baker

Head of Sustainability and Wellbeing


Oakland Director

Lindsay helped found and start Comfy as employee #1 (the company grew to over 70 employees), initiating and leading the Go-To-Market efforts of the company (Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Business Development) and serving as its chief evangelist. She was involved in all aspects of the company including Finance & HR, Technical Implementation, Press Relations, and Board/Investor management. Lindsay was a full-time consultant in Google’s Real Estate and Workplace Services (REWS) Team, promoting sustainable operations, healthy indoor environment practices, and technology innovation projects. Lindsay worked for the LEED Technical department during its formative and high-growth years, managing a variety of projects and programs, including strategic visioning of the LEED program and framework and leading the creation of the LEED for Schools program. She holds Master’s in building science from UC Berkeley.