“The future starts right here, together…"

These words open SPUR’s Regional Strategy, published in the spring of 2021.
They reflect both the optimism of
that moment and an ongoing truth:
Our decisions today shape our
quality of life tomorrow, both
individually and collectively.
When we come together for the common
good, we create communities in
which people can truly thrive.
In 2020, many of us confronted the disparity between what we wished for our communities and how things actually were. We learned first-hand how complicated it is to fix what’s broken.
With the Regional Strategy, SPUR set out to
articulate a vision for an equitable, sustainable
and prosperous Bay Area and to provide a
road map for how to get there. In all, the
project offers more than 170 policy
recommendations on everything from creating
more housing to closing the racial wealth gap.
In 2021, we at SPUR began the long-term
work of building toward that vision.

We broke down the big challenges: climate change,
insufficient housing, economic insecurity.
So that we could tackle both the long-term
system changes and the short-term reforms
necessary to achieve our goals.
So that we could see what decisions we
need to make to get to a different future.
We tackled immediate concerns,
like public transit’s fiscal crisis and
the crushing debt people face
from inequitable fines and fees.

And we pursued the longer-term changes that will influence the quality of life for generations.
We collaborated on strategies for an
equitable economic recovery and
investment in key community assets
like Guadalupe River Park.
We developed reforms for how local government operates in Oakland and how the region manages its transportation network.
We formed coalitions to reduce
the cost of building housing and
expand access to nutritious food.
We reminded ourselves to pursue
progress over perfection and to
pair hope with endurance.
And we invested in growing our
partnerships, understanding that it is
truly together that we create the future.

What we do today shapes tomorrow.
The future starts here, together.
The Bay Area 2070

The Bay Area 2070

SPUR released its visionary Regional Strategy, a multi-year initiative that proposed bold ideas for creating an equitable, sustainable and prosperous Bay Area for all by 2070. By reimagining the region’s housing policies, growing gracefully, closing the racial wealth and well-being gap, and protecting the region and its inhabitants from climate change, the Bay Area can welcome 4 million new people and become a place where everyone can thrive.



Illustration of Houses, Danie Drankwalter


SPUR’s Housing the Region report series offered multiple approaches to addressing the Bay Area’s housing crisis: Housing as Infrastructure made a series of recommendations for how the region can produce more housing; Meeting the Need outlined radical changes the Bay Area needs to make in both how much housing is built and where it goes; and Rooted and Growing provided steps for the region to support people and neighborhoods by ensuring residents can remain in their communities and not be forced out.



Illustration of City Scene with Bicyclists and Poppies, Danie Drankwalter


A Civic Vision for Growth presented the principles necessary for creating an equitable and sustainable region, such as concentrating development near commercial corridors and avoiding growth in open spaces, agricultural lands and hazardous areas that are prone to natural disasters. SPUR’s Bigger Picture series proposed ideas to address major regional challenges through local planning processes, from transforming San José’s downtown to creating more equitable and connected transportation networks in Oakland and San Francisco.



Illustration of three minority women, "We All Belong Here" by Micah Bazant

Economic Justice

SPUR’s Regional Strategy economic justice work focused on enabling all people to participate in the Bay Area’s thriving economy and attain economic security. The report Ladders Out of Poverty examined the potential for unrestricted cash transfers (e.g., universal basic income) by looking at the successes of past and current programs and proposed five options for the region to consider. More Harm Than Good tackled how California can build a more equitable system for fines and fees, which are disproportionately levied on people of color.



Illustration of people on public transit, by Nina Charuza

Climate and Transportation

In collaboration with the Pacific Institute, SPUR released Water for a Growing Bay Area, which shows that the Bay Area can add millions of people, homes and jobs by 2070 without using more water in two key ways: through modest improvements in water use efficiency and by locating new growth in areas that are already developed. With this projected growth, the region will need a fast and reliable regional bus network so people can get around quickly and efficiently. Freeways of the Future proposed planning, institutional reforms and policies to convert existing freeways and support a coordinated regional express bus system.


This Year's Big Wins

This Year's Big Wins

Based on the goals and vision set out in the Regional Strategy, SPUR outlined an ambitious set of priorities for its work in each policy area over the next five years. In 2021, several key victories helped SPUR make progress toward policy priorities, such as making housing affordable for all and eliminating carbon emissions.



685 Florida Street, San Francisco

Making It Easier to Build Housing

In 2020, SPUR helped establish the California Home Builders Alliance, an informal advocacy coalition that focuses on state legislation and regulatory reforms to build more housing. SPUR continued to spearhead this group in 2021, and the coalition played a critical role in passing key housing bills, including SB 9 (Atkins), which enables fourplexes to be built where previously only single-family homes were allowed. SPUR also sponsored AB 1174 (Grayson), which streamlines permitting for projects like the stalled redevelopment of the defunct Vallco Mall in Cupertino. This housing project will ultimately yield more than 2,400 housing units, half of which will be affordable.



Bay Bridge Plaza Fastrak tolls and fees signs

Eliminating Inequitable Fines and Fees

For decades, bridge toll violations have disproportionately harmed lower-income and working people with punitive fines and fees that can leave them in a cycle of debt. SPUR released Bridging the Gap, which recommended ways to move toward an equitable tolling system. This research, combined with the considerable media coverage it received and with powerful coalition advocacy, led the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Bay Area Toll Authority to decrease these high-pain, low-gain violations from $70 to $15 and to begin a comprehensive, data-driven process to establish a more equitable tolling system.



Solar Panels on Residential Homes, Berryessa, San Jose

Streamlining Residential Solar Power

SPUR released A No-Cost Rooftop Solar Stimulus, which demonstrated how streamlining the permitting for residential solar and energy storage systems could save Californians billions of dollars and supercharge solar installations across the state. Leveraging this report, SPUR led efforts to get $20 million allocated in the California state budget to support the automation of solar and storage permitting, a national first. As a next step, SPUR is sponsoring a bill to mandate automated permitting for all simple residential solar and storage systems around the state, which has the potential to save California homeowners $7.5 billion during the transition to renewable energy.


BART map

Building a Better Transit System

SPUR organized a coalition of business groups and transit and equity advocates to participate on MTC’s Blue Ribbon Transit Recovery Task Force to help transit recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic with a more coordinated and customer-oriented approach. This led MTC to adopt the Transit Transformation Action Plan to create a more efficient and coordinated regional transit network. SPUR also engaged on the advisory committee for the Transit Fare Coordination and Integration Study, which resulted in approval to pilot a regional fare pass and created a regional integrated transit fare policy. Finally, SPUR’s research and advocacy on coordinated regional express bus service led to the inclusion of a regional express bus network in Plan Bay Area 2050, a critical step toward realizing this vision.


Coyote Valley

Preserving Coyote Valley

In November, the San José City Council voted unanimously to preserve more than 300 acres of green space that had previously been zoned for industrial use. SPUR has advocated for years for the preservation of agricultural and open spaces and was a strong supporter of a green future for Coyote Valley. In early 2020, SPUR helped convene a series of meetings to discuss how the City of San José and the County of Santa Clara could leverage their general plans and climate action plan updates to advance a shared vision for Coyote Valley. Those meetings helped identify the importance of collaboration between the two governments and proved critical in the subsequent two years of coordinated planning.



After publishing the Regional Strategy in May, SPUR focused its research lens on how the region can tackle specific challenges in the nearer term. SPUR examined how the Bay Area can support ongoing pandemic recovery efforts, create great neighborhoods, expand access to healthy food, prioritize public space, better support the public sector and more.


Guadalupe River Park

Prioritizing Public Spaces in San José

SPUR continued its extensive research on Guadalupe River Park, exploring how to rewild the park and balance its natural ecology as well as the central role the park must play in shaping the future of downtown San José. SPUR also created an engagement toolkit that city agencies and park stewards across the country are using to create public spaces that acknowledge the reality of widespread street homelessness. SPUR summed up the research phase of this work with an online virtual exhibition that shared insights and engaged community members. We will shift to implementation of these ideas in the coming year.


Organic fruit and vegetables in grocery store

Expanding Access to Healthy Food

Research has consistently demonstrated that existing healthy food incentive programs like SPUR’s Double Up Food Bucks reduce hunger, improve nutrition and support the local agriculture and retail sectors. SPUR’s report The Economic Contributions of Healthy Food Incentives showed that broad expansions of healthy food incentives would provide powerful returns on that investment and that state and federal policymakers should strongly consider expanding their support for these types of programs.


Tap faucet with running water

Rising Together to Support Pandemic Recovery

As the pandemic persisted, SPUR continued to identify ways to support those hit the hardest. The policy brief Keeping the Water On looked at current programs that provide water bill discounts, including those in San Francisco, San José and Oakland, and offered recommendations on reducing fines and fees, improving customer assistance programs and ensuring that all households have uninterrupted access to clean water. Advocacy by SPUR and others eventually led California to allocate $1 billion in emergency water debt assistance. SPUR also partnered with the Metropolitan Planning Council in Chicago and the Regional Plan Association in New York to author an op-ed in The Hill on the importance of the federal government investing in infrastructure and the impact that it could have on stimulating economies across the country.


Oakland City Hall

Adapting Oakland’s Government to Today’s Needs

The pandemic and social justice movements of 2020 exposed persistent challenges in how Oakland is governed and how it delivers services for residents, making it clear that the city’s model of government needs to be updated. SPUR released Making Government Work, which provided an analysis of Oakland city government and made 10 recommendations for how the city can more effectively serve the needs of all Oaklanders. SPUR began strategizing on advocacy efforts to reform the city’s charter, work that will continue next year.


24th Street Oakland construction

Making Housing Fees More Transparent

The lack of transparency around local development fees and requirements can make housing harder to build. The state passed AB 1483 (Grayson) in 2019 to improve transparency, yet SPUR and the Terner Center discovered a widespread lack of compliance with requirements like clearly posting fees and policies online. Our joint report How Much Does It Cost to Permit a House? revealed gaps in compliance and provided recommendations to improve transparency and make fee policies easier to find and understand. SPUR will work to move many of the report’s key recommendations forward in state legislation this coming year.


Slow streets with people walking - Hayes Street, San Francisco

Streets as an Equitable Civic Asset

The pandemic provided a rare window of opportunity to reexamine how city streets can serve the public as places to eat, play, exercise and gather outdoors — and as the foundation for a sustainable transportation transition. SPUR explored an emerging vision of streets as places for people, not just cars, using San Francisco’s temporary Shared Spaces and Slow Streets programs as natural pilots for what may be ahead. From Temporary to Transformative captured lessons learned from these programs and presented nearly 20 recommendations for how San Francisco — and other cities — can build on the progress achieved and make some changes permanent. SPUR’s report is the first step in an ongoing effort to ensure that streets can provide value to everyone, not just drivers.




SPUR advanced local solutions to support housing, transit-oriented communities and the transition to fossil-free buildings and continued to serve on critical economic and pandemic recovery task forces. SPUR also demonstrated strong leadership at the state level, advocating for policies that have tremendous potential to shape life in the Bay Area.


Peppers and Vegetables

Using Food as Medicine

SPUR led a statewide coalition of more than 100 organizations advocating for a pilot project to allow Medi-Cal funds to pay for health interventions such as produce prescriptions, healthy groceries and medically tailored meals, which will improve health outcomes by making healthy food more affordable for low-income families. In late 2021, the federal agency that oversees Medicare and Medicaid permitted California to pilot this project, which has the potential to impact the more than 13 million Californians who rely on Medi-Cal. SPUR will continue leading this coalition to advocate for making the pilot program permanent.


Construction Workers on Site

A Leading Voice for an Equitable Economy

SPUR adopted an economic justice platform for advocacy with the goal of enabling all people to participate in the region’s thriving economy and attain economic security. SPUR also served as a leading voice for building a more economically inclusive region by co-chairing a regional task force for an equitable pandemic recovery and serving on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ Guaranteed Income Advisory Group, which ultimately led to a framework that could guide future guaranteed income pilots and policy in the city.

People Dining Slow Streets San Pedro

Bringing Ideas to the Table

SPUR staff served on more than 40 government boards, commissions and task forces established to help cities and the region tackle pressing issues. Through these roles, SPUR advocated to make “slow streets” permanent in San Francisco, worked to prevent water shutoffs to low-income Bay Area households during the pandemic and supported efforts to create economic recovery plans throughout the region.


Kitchen Hob Burner with Flame

Supporting Efforts to Reduce Emissions

SPUR continued advocacy efforts aimed at eliminating carbon emissions, in part by reducing the use of fossil fuels in buildings. Buildings account for roughly 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in the state and present a significant opportunity to address climate change. SPUR also co-led a coalition of more than 50 individuals and organizations calling on the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to phase out the sale of fossil fuel-powered appliances in homes and businesses — a potential national first.


Solar Panels on Houses

Supporting More Housing Production in the South Bay

SPUR played a key role in ensuring passage of the Berryessa BART Urban Village Plan and worked with the Berryessa Flea Market vendors to ensure they receive some economic protections as development occurs and the flea market closes. SPUR also helped shape the future of San José by serving as co-chair of the Envision San José 2040 General Plan Task Force. Through this role, SPUR recommended allowing denser and more diverse building types that could create greater housing affordability by design.


Lake Merritt TOD

Encouraging Equitable Transit-Oriented Development

SPUR served on MTC’s Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Policy Technical Advisory Committee, which advises the agency as it updates its regional TOD policy. SPUR advocated for strategies that create more inclusive and equitable neighborhoods around transit while adding more housing, services and jobs in these areas. Once finalized, this policy will play a key role in helping the Bay Area meet its sustainability, equity and livability goals.




In the second year of the pandemic, SPUR continued to build community by offering engaging ways for people to connect virtually. The second annual Ideas + Action symposium, SPUR’s regular Digital Discourses and other events invited community members into the Bay Area’s most resonant conversations on housing, transportation, urban design and more.


Social media graphic with Ideas and Action text and pictures of 10 speakers

Ideas + Action: Sustainability & Resilience

SPUR maintained its commitment to connecting people with the latest ideas and thinking on urban policy. The second annual Ideas + Action symposium focused on sustainability and climate resilience and provided attendees with thought-provoking sessions on topics ranging from carbon capture to the future of coastal cities. The three-day event attracted more than 2,000 registrants from around the country and welcomed keynote speakers Dr. Robert Bullard and Bill McKibben.


Four speakers on screen for a Digital Discourse panel discussion

Engaging Audiences Virtually

2021 marked SPUR’s second year of hosting Digital Discourses, popular online discussions with community leaders and field experts on a range of topics pertinent to the Bay Area. SPUR welcomed more than 10,000 attendees to these virtual spaces, which provided audiences with a way to connect, learn how leaders are building a more equitable and sustainable region and share their questions and insights.


Social media graphic, Belonging In The Bay text and images of 3 speakers

Recognizing and Elevating Community Leaders

In September, SPUR hosted a Digital Discourse with Mayors Breed, Liccardo and Schaaf of San Francisco, San José and Oakland, respectively, to discuss their latest pandemic recovery efforts and how the cities are working to strengthen community resilience and tackle housing and land use issues. SPUR also launched the KALW radio show Belonging in the Bay, a series of conversations between SPUR President and CEO Alicia John-Baptiste and community leaders on the work local organizations are doing to advance racial equity, inclusion and belonging.



A Leading Voice in the Media

SPUR continued to serve as a leading voice in local and major news outlets, sharing insights from recent research projects and authoring op-eds. Publication of the Regional Strategy garnered significant media attention, including front-page coverage in the San Francisco Chronicle and an op-ed envisioning the Bay Area of 2070. SPUR staff was also featured prominently in local television news stories on topics like the impact of heatwaves on low-income neighborhoods and the need to build new housing despite the state’s drought.

Social media graphic with Silver SPUR Awards text and sky, birds and trees

Honoring Leaders Who’ve Shaped the Region

SPUR’s 2021 Silver SPUR Awards honored three extraordinary individuals striving to build a better Bay Area. SPUR welcomed hundreds of attendees to the virtual event, which recognized Walter Hood, V. Fei Tsen and Alastair Mactaggart for their extraordinary contributions to shaping the Bay Area. Becky Morgan was also recognized for her storied career in public service and commitment to equity, receiving the inaugural Anne Halstead Legacy Award.


President’s Letter

President’s Letter

SPUR’s President, Alicia John-Baptiste

Hope and Endurance


This year, SPUR published its Regional Strategy, a vision of a brighter future for the Bay Area and a road map for how to get there. The project debuted in the spring of 2021, during a moment of hope, when vaccines were rolling out and the pandemic seemed to be coming to a close. Many of us working in the civic sector felt that we could take what we had learned over the prior 12 months and get to work building a new normal in which all of us have the opportunity to thrive.


But the pandemic didn’t end, and our persistent crises as a region continue to challenge us. With no fresh start, it became more apparent than ever that to truly build an equitable, sustainable and prosperous region, we will need both hope and stamina in equal measure.


At SPUR, we understand the perseverance required to create lasting change. Many of our greatest accomplishments were years — even decades — in the making. Over the course of our 110-year history, we’ve advocated for the creation of the BART system and for protecting the Bay from development. We’ve shaped neighborhood plans and urban growth boundaries. We’ve fought for sustainable transit funding and effective governance. And we’ve seen how we flourish when, as a region, we make choices to benefit the long-term health of the Bay Area.


As we look to the next 50 years, and as we sort through the disruption and reckoning of the past two years, it is once again important to keep a clear vision, informed by hope and backed with stamina. We believe that the Bay Area can be a place of opportunity, of belonging, of joy, of discovery, of community. We also know that lasting change takes time and commitment — and the capacity to embrace progress over perfection.


In 2022, SPUR is focused on turning ideas into action. With the Regional Strategy as our road map — and with your continued support and partnership — we will continue to work to improve the quality of life for each of us in the Bay Area and for the region as a whole.


Thank you to each member of the SPUR community. Together, with hope, we persevere.



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Alicia John-Baptiste
President and CEO



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Page & Turnbull

Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects




PYATOK Architects


RMW Architecture & Interiors

SERA Architects

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM)

Solomon Cordwell Buenz

Steinberg Hart

Studio Current

Studio T-SQ, Inc.

STUDIOS Architecture

SVA Architects

SWA Group

TCA Architects

TEF Design

Terrain Studio

Wallace Roberts & Todd (WRT)

Woods Bagot Architects


Business Members & Donors


Adobe Systems Incorporated


Alaska Airlines

Amazon Web Services


Boston Properties

Brookfield Properties

Dignity Health





Jordan Real Estate Investments

JRDV Architects, Inc

Kaiser Permanente

Koret Foundation


McKinsey & Company, Inc.

Microsoft Corporation

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)

Riaz Capital

San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC)

Sand Hill Property Company

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM)

Sobrato Development Organization

The Swig Company



AARP California

Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.

Apple Inc.

Applied Materials

Baylands Development Inc

BRIDGE Housing Corporation

Brown and Caldwell

Carmel Partners

CB Richard Ellis Group, Inc. (CBRE)

Coblentz Patch Duffy & Bass LLP





Dropbox Inc.

Emerald Fund, Inc.



Golden State Warriors

Gould Evans

Hart Howerton Architects Design

Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Co

Hines Interests

HNTB Corporation


Hudson Pacific Properties

Jay Paul Company

Kilroy Realty Corporation

Kohn Pedersen Fox

LinkedIn Corporation

Lowney Architecture

Mercy Housing Inc.


Oracle Corporation

Page & Turnbull

Pelosi Ziblatt Law Group


Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

Plant Construction Company, L.P.

Port of Oakland

Port of San Francisco

Presidio Trust


Related California

San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)

San Jose Water Company

Second Street Fund, Inc.

Sherwood Design Engineers

Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF)

Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB)

Square Inc.

Stanford University

Suffolk Construction


Sutter Health / CPMC

SWA Group

Swinerton Builders

The Boldt Company

The Core Companies

The John & Marcia Goldman Foundation

Tishman Speyer

TPG Capital, L.P.


Uber Technologies, Inc.

University of California San Francisco (UCSF)

Verizon Wireless

Webcor Builders

Wilson Meany L.P.



Zoom Video Communications


Aedis Architects

Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit)

Allen Matkins Leck Gamble Mallory & Natsis LLP

Associate Capital

BKF Engineers

Burke, Williams and Sorensen, LLP

Cahill Contractors


Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority

Charities Housing

City of Oakland Planning & Building Department

CMG Landscape Architecture

Cubic Transportation Systems

David Baker Architects

Eastdil Secured

EHDD Architecture

Environmental Science Associates (ESA)

Equity Residential

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Grosvenor Americas

Hanson Bridgett LLP


Jamestown, L.P.

JPMorgan Chase & Co.


L37 Partners

Lane Partners, LLC

Lighthouse Public Affairs

LPA Inc.

MBH Architects

Mott MacDonald

Nibbi Brothers General Contractors

Northern California Carpenters Regional Council (NCCRC)

Oakland Athletics

Pacific Union Development Company

Pacific Waterfront Partners, LLC


Pankow Builders Ltd

Paul Hastings


Prado Group

San Francisco Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector

San Francisco State University

Sierra Maestra Properties

Silicon Valley Bank


Studio VARA

TEF Design

The John Stewart Company

The Morley Bros.

The Unity Council

UA Local Union 393

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (URW)

University of San Francisco (USF)

Urban Planning Partners

Wallace Roberts & Todd (WRT)

Windflower Properties

Zillow Group



A. R. Sanchez-Corea & Associates

Arnold & Porter LLP

AvalonBay Communities, Inc.

Bank of America - San Jose

Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD)

Bayview Development Group

brick. Inc


Carpenters Local Union 22

Carpenters Local Union 405

Charles Salter Associates


City of Milpitas

City of Mountain View

City of Oakland Department of Economic & Workforce Development

Clark Construction Group

Clear Peak Development



Devcon Construction Inc.

Donahue Fitzgerald LLP


East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation

East Bay Regional Park District

Equity Community Builders

Farella Braun + Martel LLP

Fehr & Peers Transportation Consultants

Forell | Elsesser Engineers

Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture

Handel Architects, LLP

Heller Manus Architects

HGA Architects & Engineers

Hirsch Philanthropy Partners

HKS Architects, Inc.

HMH Engineers

Holland & Knight LLP

Hopkins & Carley

Hospital Council of Northern and Central California

HR&A Advisors Inc


J. Abrams Law, P.C.

Jones Hall

Juniper Networks


Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects

Lennar Multifamily Communities

McCarthy Building Companies

Mill Creek Residential

MNS Engineers

New Deal Advisers

Old Republic Title Company - San Francisco

One Vassar LLC

OpenScope Studio

Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

Perkins Coie LLP

Petrinovich Pugh & Co LLP

Pinger, Inc.


Platinum Advisors, LLC

PYATOK Architects


RMW Architecture & Interiors

San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA)

San Francisco Parks Alliance

San Francisco Public Works (SF DPW)

San Francisco Recreation and Park Department

Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority

Sares Regis Group of Northern California

SERA Architects

Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE)

srmERNST Development Partners

stok (fka Environmental Building Strategies)

Studio Current

Studio T-SQ, Inc.

STUDIOS Architecture

SummerHill Housing Group


SVA Architects

TCA Architects

Technology Credit Union

Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC)

Terrascape Ventures, LLC

The Schoennauer Company

Tidewater Capital

TMC Financing


Tri-Valley – San Joaquin Valley Regional Rail Authority

Urban Community

Valley Oak Partners, LLC

Valley Water

Wendel Rosen LLP

Woods Bagot Architects


Zanker Recycling

Alameda Health System Foundation

ARC Alternative and Renewable Construction LLC


Backstrom McCarley Berry & Co., LLC

BCV Architects

Brereton Architects

Build, Inc.

Buttrick Projects Architecture and Design

California Apartment Association

Center for Elders' Independence

City of San Jose Department of Environmental Services

City of San Jose Department of Housing

City of San Jose Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services

City of San Jose Department of Public Works

City of San Jose Department of Transportation

City of San Jose Office of Economic Development

City of San Jose Public Library

Civic Edge Consulting

Coalition for Better Housing (CBH)

Community Vision

D.N. & E. Walter & Co.

Degenkolb Engineers

Downtown Community Benefit District

Eden Housing

Enterprise Community Partners

Fougeron Architecture

G2 Insurance Services

Ground Floor Public Affairs Corp.

Guerdon, LLC.

Hargreaves Jones Associates

Harsch Investment Properties


Hearst Corporation

Heather Young Architects

Hoge Fenton Jones & Appel

Housing Trust Silicon Valley

Hunter Properties

Hyatt Regency San Francisco

IBEW Local 332

Keyser Marston Associates, Inc.

KPFF Consulting Engineers

Laborers Employers Cooperation and Education Trust Southwest (LECET)

Lyngso Garden Materials Inc.

Mark Cavagnero Associates

Martin Building Company

McCarthy Ranch

Meyer Capital Partners LLC

Moscone Emblidge & Rubens LLP


Northern California District Council of Laborers

Oakland Museum of California

Oakland Parks and Recreation Foundation

Office of Charles F. Bloszies, Ltd.

Oryx Capital Partners, LP


Royston Hanamoto Alley & Abey (RHAA Landscape Architecture + Planning)

Rutherford + Chekene

San Francisco Electrical Construction Industry Local 6

San Jose Sharks

San José State University

San Mateo County Transit District (samTrans)

San Mateo County Transportation Authority (SMCTA)

SF Firefighters Local 798

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc.

Sky Oak Partners

SSL Law Firm

Transbay Joint Powers Authority

Uptown Downtown Community Benefits Districts

Urban Economics


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Page Robbins

Francois Rodigari

Bryan Rodriguez

Robin Roemer

Alice Rogers

Thomas Rogers

Apollo Rojas

Hector Rojas

Vicente Romero

Jessica Romm

Aaron Rosenberg

Sally & Toby Rosenblatt

Eric Rosenblum

Erin Rosenthal

Daphne Ross

Steven Ross

Kim Rotchy

Sybille Roth

Brian Rowley

Greg Rozmarynowycz

Gayle Rubin

Tom Rubin

Melissa Ruhl

Robert Sabbatini

Natasha Sadikin

Christina Salehi

Margaret Salop

Rebecca Saltzman

John Sampson

Alejandro Sanchez

Debra Sanderson

Robert Sanlis

Rahmin Sarabi

Felix Sargent

Kathleen Sasso

Mark Sawicki

Tom Scerbo

Alex Schafran

Michael Schaier

Jordan Schalich

Jeremiah Schaub

Florence Scheve

Keith Schildt

Gary Schilling & Stefan Hastrup

Joseph Schilling

David Schleifer-Lee

John Schlenke

Clayton Schloss

Brian Schmidt

Alison Schmitt

Rebecca Schnier

Maxim Schrogin

Anna Schutte

Vivian Schwab

Elliot Schwartz

Kathleen Scott

John Sealander

Maureen Sedonaen

Susie See

Robert Semper

Christopher Sensenig

Timothy Seufert

Joel Shaffer

Patrice Shaffer

Punit Shah

Leah Shahum

Jennifer Shannon

Ritu Sharma

Saurabh Sharma

Brian Shaw

Diane Shaw

Jeremy Shaw

Joe Shear

James Shearer

Sushmita Shekar

Laura Shifley

Ruby Shifrin

Benjamin Shively

Carter Shoop

Alex Shoor

Pat Showalter

Justin Shupp

Donald Sibbett

Zoe Siegel

Patrick Siegman

William Siembieda

Blake Silkwood

Bryan Silverthorn

Kyle Simerly

Larry Simi & Janet Rogers

Lydia Simmons

Beau Simon

Eric Simundza

Bharat Singh

Ashutosh Singhal

Mira & Ralph Sinick

Carolyn Sisto

Stephanie Skangos

Nikolai Sklaroff

Justin Skoda

Kieron Slaughter

Barry Smith

Bill Smith

Dylan Smith

Lawrence Smith

Gordon Smith

Michael Smithwick

Connie Smyser

Sally Smyth

David Snippen

Ramona Snyder

Jennifer Sobol

Heidi Sokolowsky

Patricia Solis

Steven Solomon

Nicole Soultanov

Bryant Sparkman

Michael Spaulding

Craig Speck

Steven Spickard

Rene Spring

Sujata Srivastava

Suzanne St. John-Crane

Gail Staba

Bob Staedler

Brian Stanke

Jon Stansbury

Jodi Starbird

Natalie States

Kate Steel

Karen Steen & Devan Reiff

John Steere

Guy Steffens

Elliot Stein

Candice Stein

Stephanie Steinbrecher & Tim Kuehn

Eric Steiner

Jonathan Stern

Jared Stern

David Sternberg

Brett Stewart

Natasha Stewart

Marc Steyer

Jasmine Stitt

Lawrence Stone

Charles Stott

David Strain

Marilyn Straka

Ken Stram

Liesl Strand

Andrew Strong

Brian Stryzek

Zack Subin

Bradley Sugarman

Edward Sullivan

Michelle Sullivan

Paul Loeffler & Michael Sullivan

Alice Sung

Kathy Sutherland

Prabhjot Sutti

Eri Suzuki

Gail & Paul Switzer

Joshua Switzky

Tony Ta

Matthew Taecker

Ari Takata-Vasquez

Asumu Takikawa

Eric Tam

Mona Tamari

Margaret Tamisiea

Andrew Tang

Aaron Tartakovsky

Daniel Tasse

Susan Taylor

Diana Taylor

Yann Taylor

Paul Tecson

Egon Terplan

Nathan Theobald

Calvin Thigpen

Danielle Thoe

Samuel Thomas

Sarah Thompson

John Thompson

Amy Thomson

Matthew Ticknor

Gerry Tierney

John Tillotson

Julien Tinnes

Tony Tolentino

Emily Toliver

Walker Toma

Lola Torney

Jake Torrens

Ramiro Torres

Russell Torres

Mark Trainer

Tam Tran

Thy Tran & Bryan Wu

Will Travis

Heidi Tremayne

Shawn Troedson

Jeff Truesdell

Judson True

Flavia Tsang

Winnie Tsang

Kari Tsubota

Randy Tsuda

Stephen Tu

Lauren Tulp

Ronnie Turner

Elizabeth Tyler

Francis Upton

Erika Uribe Navarrete

Paul Utrecht

Jerry Vail

Mark Valentine

John Van Horne

Jayson VanBeusichem

Martin Vanderlaan

Matthew VanHua

Adam Varat

Jesus Vargas

Sheila Vasantharam

Eric Vaughan

Praveen Vayalamkuzhi

Prashant Velagaleti

Marilyn & Bill Veltrop

Sandra Venning

Joel Ventresca

Rochelle Ventura

Jack Verdon

Maria Vermiglio

Albert & Mona Villapiano

Matthew Villeneuve

Kyle Vinson

Julie Vogel

Fred Von Lohmann

David Vossbrink

Kara Vuicich

Tobias Wacker

Matthew Wagner

Tim Wagner

Nicole Wagy

Tim Walch

Tom Walker

Alexander Walker

Catherine Walker

Jean Walsh

Melinda Wang

Shenting Wang

Darrin Ward

Neal Ward

Andrew Warner

Elaine Warren

Richard Warren

Duncan Watry

Stanley Watson

Bert Weaver

Christina Weber

Monique Webster

Don Weden

Joy Wei

Jonathan Weiner

Emily Weinstein

Mark Weisman

Sonia & Chris Weiss

Dana Weissman

Jeffrey Weitzel

Aaron Welch

Patricia Wells

Ray Welter

Paul Wermer

Yumiko Westland

Linda Wheaton

Riana Wheeler

Dan Whelan

Nancy Whelan

Jeff White

Ron Whitmore

Greg Wiberg

Randy Wiederhold

Anne Wilke

Ian Williams

Neil Williams

Olalere Williams

Stacy Williams

Ciaran Wills

Sadie Wilson

Peter Winch

Jordon Wing

Katherine Winkelman

Corinne Winter

Timothy Wirth

Susie Wise

Suzanne Wolf

Andrew Wolfram

Celeste Wolter-Sempere

Howard Wong

Allen Wong

Geri Wong

Harry Wong

Robert Wood

Jeffrey Wood

Drew Woodward

Allison Woodworth

Anya Worley

Jazzy Wright

Cindy Wu

Grace Wu

Karlina Wu

Nick Xydes

Wilson Yan

Austin Yang

Jackie Yang

Gregory Yanito

Denny Yau

Dianne Yee

Jonathan Yolles

Denise Youmans

Jeffry Young

Hannah Young

Mark Young

Matt Youngblood

Elias Zamaria

Carlos Zambrano

Franco Zaragoza

Katherine Zeller

Angela Zhang

Luke Zhang

David Zhou

Snow Zhu

Eli Zigas & Savanna Ferguson

Samuel Zimbabwe

Jacqueline Zipkin



Korinne Breed

Tilly Chang

Zachary Culp

Shelley Doran

Kay Dan Edelman

Jonathan Feldman & Lisa Lougee

Bonnie Fisher & Boris Dramov

David Friedman & Paulette Meyer

Susan Fukuhara-Ju

Joseph Goodman

April Gubatina

Sophie Horiuchi-Forrester

Ashley Kippley

George Miller & Janet McKinley

Irina Petkova

Mrs. Roselyne C. Swig

Joaquín Torres

Shin-pei Tsay

Tony Varnhagen

Mrs. Alfred Wilsey

In-Kind Donors

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County

Metropolitan Transportation Commission

San Francisco Business Times

Santa Clara County Public Health Department

Santa Clara County Social Services Agency

Second Harvest of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley Business Journal


We apologize for any omissions or inaccuracies in this listing and will publish any corrections at This list represents gifts made in 2021.

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Manan Shah

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Hao Ko



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Joe Speicher

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Lydia Tan

Eric Tao

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Shin-Pei Tsay

Cynthia Wong

Paul Woolford


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Candice Gonzalez

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Daniel Cedeño



Jaye Bailey

Jill Bourne

John Diffenderfer

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Shelley Doran

Scott Ekman

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Rosalynn Hughey

Camille Llanes-Fontanilla

Chris Neale

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Leah Toeniskoetter

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Kate White




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Joshua Simon



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Lynette Dias

Elisse Douglass

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Morten Jensen

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