Issue 553 September 2016

The Corporate Campus: A Local History

A glimpse at how Silicon Valley became Silicon Valley.
The Bay Area’s economic engine has evolved into a spatial pattern that comes with high environmental and social costs. Can we change course? Read More »

Rethinking the Corporate Campus

A look at how to grow the region’s economic engine more efficiently and sustainably.
The way we work is changing dramatically. Maybe it’s time that our workplaces did, too. Read More »

Urban Field Notes: Searching for Silicon Valley

​ A piece in the Mercury News earlier this year suggested that Silicon Valley is giving Alcatraz, the Golden Gate and the Bay Area’s other tourist attractions a run for their money. But what does Silicon Valley look like? Where would you send tourists hoping to “see” it? Read More »

Member Profile: Gavin Belson of HBO's Silicon Valley

Making the world a better place, one juice bar at a time.
No show better captures the current milieu of Silicon Valley better than, well, HBO’s Silicon Valley . The show’s Google doppelganger, Hooli, is led by CEO Gavin Belson. We were lucky enough to grab a few minutes of Gavin’s valuable time to talk about the future of the corporate campus. Read More »

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