Upcoming Events

Mar4Wed 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumPresidio Parklands: Places and ExperiencesLearn more >>
Mar5Thu 6:00 p.m.San JoseEvening ForumCivic Prototyping: How to Win Friends and Influence PeopleLearn more >>
Mar10Tue 12:00 p.m.San FranciscoWalking TourBehind the Shelves: Whole Foods MarketLearn more >>
Mar11Wed 5:30 p.m.San FranciscoGood Government Awards2015 Good Government AwardsLearn more >>
Mar12Thu 12:30 p.m.OaklandLunchtime ForumA Downtown for EveryoneLearn more >>
Mar12Thu 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumDiffuse DensityLearn more >>
Mar17Tue 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumThe DroughtLearn more >>
Mar18Wed 12:30 p.m.San JoseLunchtime ForumHealthy Food Within Reach in San JoseLearn more >>
Mar19Thu 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumIntegrating Transit: Learning from National ExamplesLearn more >>
Mar19Thu 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumPecha Kucha 58: What Will It Take to House San Francisco?Learn more >>
Mar23Mon 4:00 p.m.San FranciscoWalking TourThe Yard at Mission RockLearn more >>
Mar24Tue 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumThe Future of POPOSLearn more >>
Mar24Tue 12:30 p.m.San JoseLunchtime ForumResource Sustainability in San JoseLearn more >>
Mar25Wed 12:30 p.m.San JoseLunchtime ForumA Vision for DowntownLearn more >>
Mar26Thu 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumCicLAviaLearn more >>
Apr1Wed 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumPresidio Parklands: Preliminary Concepts and AlternativesLearn more >>
Apr7Tue 12:30 p.m.San JoseLunchtime ForumTactical UrbanismLearn more >>
Apr7Tue 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumBeyond Silicon ValleyLearn more >>
Apr8Wed 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumThe State of the Bay AreaLearn more >>
Apr8Wed 6:00 p.m.San JoseYoung UrbanistsConfessions of an Open Space LoverLearn more >>
Apr8Wed 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumTactical UrbanismLearn more >>
Apr9Thu 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumSan Francisco's Jewel CityLearn more >>
Apr10Fri 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumGrounding MetabolismLearn more >>
Apr15Wed 12:00 p.m.San JoseWalking TourJapantown TodayLearn more >>
Apr15Wed 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumCreating "Transitable" Bay Area CitiesLearn more >>
Apr16Thu 12:30 p.m.San JoseLunchtime ForumIntegrating Transit: Learning from National ExamplesLearn more >>
Apr22Wed 12:30 p.m.San JoseLunchtime ForumDoubling Capacity on CaltrainLearn more >>
Apr22Wed 6:00 p.m.OaklandEvening Forum An Evening With Roman MarsLearn more >>
Apr23Thu 12:30 p.m.San JoseLunchtime ForumPublic Spaces Are For PeopleLearn more >>
Apr27Mon 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumBig Apple to the BayLearn more >>
Apr29Wed 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumGetting to Know Our In-LawsLearn more >>
Apr29Wed 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumPresidio Parklands: Key Park LayersLearn more >>
Apr30Thu 12:30 p.m.San JoseLunchtime ForumCreating “Transitable” Bay Area CitiesLearn more >>
Apr30Thu 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.San FranciscoDine + DiscoverDine + Discover, a Benefit for SPURLearn more >>
May1Fri 3:00 p.m.San FranciscoWalking TourBiking the Blue GreenwayLearn more >>
May2Sat 10:00 a.m.San JoseYoung UrbanistsHidden in Plain Sight: Downtown San JoseLearn more >>
May4Mon 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumCrossing Borders: Oakland and San FranciscoLearn more >>
May6Wed 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoWalking TourThe Civic Center's New Residential AnchorLearn more >>
May7Thu 12:00 p.m.San FranciscoWalking TourA Giants' GardenLearn more >>
May7Thu 12:30 p.m.San JoseLunchtime ForumStewardship of St. James ParkLearn more >>
May13Wed 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumHygiene for the HomelessLearn more >>
May13Wed 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumFeeding 9 Billion People Sustainably Learn more >>
May14Thu 12:30 p.m.San JoseLunchtime ForumAffordable Housing in the South BayLearn more >>
May14Thu 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoExhibition Opening: Design for ResilienceLearn more >>
May19Tue 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumPresidio Parklands: Conceptual DesignLearn more >>
May20Wed 12:30 p.m.San JoseLunchtime ForumEscaping the JungleLearn more >>
May21Thu 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoYoung UrbanistsCity Trivia Night VIIILearn more >>
May26Tue 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumCan Families Get Around in San Francisco?Learn more >>
May27Wed 6:00 p.m.San JoseYoung UrbanistsCity Trivia Night 5Learn more >>
May28Thu 12:00 p.m.OaklandWalking TourWhat's Going Up in Uptown?Learn more >>
May28Thu 12:00 p.m.OaklandWalking TourWhat's Going Up in Uptown?Learn more >>