The Bay Area in Crisis: A Call to Action

Urbanist Article March 19, 2018
SPUR is pleased to announce the launch of a major new project: the development of a regional strategy for the Bay Area. We aim to paint an aspirational picture of a better future, develop strategies to get us there — and inspire others to join us.

A Bay Area With Autonomous Vehicles — or Without Them

News April 19, 2018
Depending on who you talk to, the introduction of autonomous vehicles could be a panacea or endlessly fraught with problems. But AVs are not inevitable: We need to plan for many possible scenarios. As part of the SPUR Regional Strategy , we have launched research on the Bay Area's future transportation system. Here’s a look at our thinking on how AVs could manifest in cities.

What the Bridge Housing Pilot Can Do for All San Jose Residents

News April 5, 2018
With only enough shelter beds to serve 25 percent of its homeless population, San Jose continues to look for short-term housing interventions. One promising step: The San Jose Department of Housing is in the process of piloting Bridge Housing Communities, a micro community of 40 sleeping cabins and community spaces to be placed on city-owned property.

California High-Speed Rail: Under Construction and Moving Forward

News March 28, 2018
In early March, the California High-Speed Rail Authority released its draft 2018 business plan, which outlines key milestones ahead and updates forecasts for costs, service levels and ridership. The plan has some important changes, including a revised funding and delivery schedule of the first operating segment, which will service in the Bay Area and Central Valley as soon as 2027.

Evergreen Senior Homes Initiative: Vote No in June

News March 7, 2018
This June, voters in San Jose will consider the Evergreen Senior Homes Initiative, a ballot measure that would approve a plan to build 900 housing units for seniors on a 200-acre parcel in the Evergreen area. The measure would create significant exemptions from the priorities laid out in the Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan and weaken inclusionary housing requirements. SPUR recommends voting "no."

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