San Francisco June 2018 Voter Guide

Voter Guide June 2018
Nine city propositions and one regional measure appear on the San Francisco ballot on June 5, 2018. SPUR provides in-depth analysis and recommendations on each one.

Downtown San Jose Growing Up — and Out

News May 16, 2018
Adopted in 2011, San Jose’s ambitious Envision 2040 plan included goals of bringing more than 10,000 new homes and nearly 50,000 jobs to downtown San Jose. Every year, SPUR reports on the progress we’re making as a city to realize these goals. This year, we’re seeing three positive trends, as well as major decisions on the horizon.

San Francisco's Next Mayor

White Paper May 9, 2018
By any measure, the previous decade has been a period of dramatic change and growth for San Francisco. But for many, this unprecedented prosperity has failed to address — and has even contributed to — the many challenges our city still faces. SPUR offer a platform of specific policy goals and practical solutions for the next mayor and the city for the years ahead.

It All Adds Up: The Growing Costs That Prevent New Housing in California

News May 9, 2018
Construction costs are a growing barrier to building new housing in California. Today, experts don’t agree on the exact reasons for California’s soaring costs, which often leads to policy fights based on ideology, not facts. A new research series from the Terner Center for Housing Innovation aims to add data to the debate. At a recent SPUR forum, panelists discussed the research to date.

Why We Can’t Leave Transportation Apps to the Private Sector

News April 25, 2018
Uber’s recent announcement that it is adding new travel modes to its platform caught the public transportation sector flat footed. It’s time for Bay Area transportation leaders to start setting a vision for mobility-as-a-service, an approach that makes many transportation choices available through a single platform and payment system. For many reasons, we need government — not the private sector — to take the lead.

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