SPUR 2018 Annual Report

SPUR Report June 28, 2018
It’s our great pleasure to share with you SPUR’s 2018 Annual Report — a report back to our community on the key things we’ve been working on. Some of our proudest accomplishments have been years, even decades, in the making. In this annual report, we feature our efforts from the past year, as well as long-term projects we have slowly pushed forward, year after year.

Where Exactly Is “the Bay Area”?

News June 19, 2018
The San Francisco Bay Area has long been understood as the nine counties that touch the Bay — but this border doesn’t always hold. Addressing many of our current regional challenges — such as job access, housing affordability and congestion — will require working at many scales. Given this, is the traditional nine-county definition the correct scale for SPUR's Regional Strategy project?

What Guadalupe River Park Can Learn From New York’s High Line

News June 6, 2018
This spring SPUR hosted Adam Ganser of Friends of the High Line to share the story of New York City’s linear park built atop a disused freight rail trestle. To help kick off a new SPUR initiative to re-imagine San Jose’s Guadalupe River Park, Ganser shared the High Line’s history, as well as lessons learned from this national model in public space development.

Strategies for San Jose’s South First Area Arts District

News June 5, 2018
San Jose’s South First Area has become the downtown destination for discovering visual art, food, culture, music and more. Over the last year, SPUR worked with stakeholders and compiled research to guide city and community leaders as they face growth pressures in SoFA. Together we have looked at how the city can add residential units while preserving and enhancing the unique culture of the district.

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