Issue 514 June 2012

The Cities of Carquinez

While these ten cities may not be on everyone's radar, together they represent a tremendous opportunity for long-term growth in the region.
The cities of southern Solano and eastern Contra Costa Counties are as old as the Bay Area itself. What happens if we start thinking about them as central to the future of the region as a whole? Read More »

Diversity Didn’t Cause the Foreclosure Crisis

Solving the problems of the Cities of Carquinez means embracing the subregion's economic, racial, and social diversity.
The “Cities of Carquinez" were hit by a perfect storm of housing boom and subsequent bust, fiscal stress, weak job growth, and more. The new map of regional inequality that these forces have wrought, and the consequent challenges faced by low-income families and communities of color in the region are examined here. Read More »

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