The Urbanist Issue: 534
Issue 534June 2014

Urban Field Notes: This Is Where I Walk, Rest, Eat, Perform, Live, Shop, Work, Nap, Read, Chat...

Density diversifies the public realm.

Words and pictures by Amanda Loper
Urbanist Article June 3, 2014

Density diversifies the public realm. At any given moment, a sidewalk can transcend its primary function to become something else — a stage, a phone booth, a cafe, or even a gym. Each city dweller defines his or her own urban room. These temporary and simultaneous changes of use are sometimes elusive at first glance and can only be seen with a closer look.  This is a selection of moments — first photographed and then further studied through a hand-drawn lens — that articulate the vibrancy of a particular time and place within the urban fabric.


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About the Authors: 

Amanda Loper is a senior associate at David Baker Architects.

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