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Issue 551
June 2016 to July 2016

June/July 2016 Urbanist

Learning from Australia’s “Millennium Drought”

California has made significant progress in advancing water conservation and efficiency; Australia has done even better.
Australia’s cities and towns survived their terrible drought, demonstrating world-leading innovation and exceptional examples of urban water planning and management driven by crisis. What can California learn from their actions? Read More »

Can State Power Make a Better Region?

Planning and policy lessons from down under.
Sydney, Australia’s planning system is entirely different from the Bay Area’s, primarily because of the strong role of its state government in planning decisions. What can the Bay Area learn from its approach? Read More »

Member Profile: Dan McKinley

A designer immerses himself in the life of the city.
Dan McKinley is the art director at McSweeney’s, an independent publishing house founded by Dave Eggers that publishes all manner of fiction, nonfiction and poetry . We caught up with him near the cozy and book-stuffed McSweeney's HQ in the Mission to chat about small cities, literary cities and his interest in making his kids’ hometown a better place. Read More »
Issue 550
April 2016 to May 2016

Beyond Boom and Bust: Where Is Silicon Valley Taking Us?

Our regional economy will evolve — but how? What potential problems should we be grappling with?
How long will the Bay Area's competitive advantage last? The Urbanist examines the boom-bust economic cycle and asks questions about the longer-term fate of our region. Where is the set of innovative clusters we call “tech” going to take us? Read More »
Issue 549
February 2016 to March 2016

Walking in Oakland

Gertrude Stein got it wrong. There is definitely a there here.
Uptown, downtown, Old Town, Chinatown, lake, redwood forest: the possibilities for discovery in the the region's third-largest city are endless. The Urbanist invited Oaklanders to share their favorite walks. Read More »

Designing the Bay Area's Second Transbay Rail Crossing

How to ensure reliable transit and a connected region
Since the BART Transbay Tube opened in 1974, the Bay Area has grown from 4.3 million to 7.6 million people, yet we have added no new capacity for crossing the Bay. Our overburdened system threatens the region’s quality of life and its ability to grow. It's time to start planning a second transbay rail crossing. We offer seven recommendations for how to get started now. Read More »

Investing in the City

Developer Mike Kim sees an even brighter future for the heart of Silicon Valley.
Over the past 30 years, SIMEON, a private real estate development and investment firm in San Francisco, has developed over 5 million square feet of real estate in the Bay Area and currently has a $750 million development pipeline, including three high-rise projects located in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Leading these efforts in Mike Kim, the firm’s chief investment officer. Read More »

Urban Field Notes: The Biomes of Broadway

A few of the many possible activities that Broadway provides to Oaklanders.
The four-mile length of Broadway in Oakland displays a great number of urban “biomes” — the biological term for areas of similar characteristics that give rise to common communities of flora and fauna. On what other single street could one head to work downtown, purchase a car, bike ride into the hills, listen to world famous jazz musicians and visit a newborn in the hospital? Read More »

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