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Seeking Prosperity: The Facts About Low and Moderate Wage Workers

October 28, 2013 By Egon Terplan and Sara Tiller
Middle-wage jobs are becoming scarcer as more and more job growth takes place at the high and low ends of the wage spectrum. How can we create opportunity for low-wage workers to move up? Past efforts to address this issue have sometimes emphasized the differences between workers in different wage groups. But this often masks the specific information needed to solve the challenge.

The San Francisco Exodus

October 17, 2013 by Gabriel Metcalf, Executive Director
The No. 1 crisis facing San Francisco today is the skyrocketing cost of housing. As high prices push people out, the City of Oakland faces a wave of new arrivals — and new challenges. Here's how we got into this situation, and what we can do about it.

What Bay Area Bike Share Will Need to Succeed

October 10, 2013 By María Gabriela Huertas Díaz
Since rolling out on August 29, Bay Area Bike Share has logged an estimated 21,138 bicycle trips and 4,380 casual members. Not bad for a pilot program. But in order for it to last — and grow — it’s important to ask how we can translate this initial success into a long-term one.

Alarming U.N. Climate Change Report May Be Too Conservative

October 8, 2013 by Laura Tam, Sustainable Development Policy Director
Climate scientists have raised concerns that the latest report from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is "too conservative," referring to its lowered projections on the range of future warming based on a slight lack of temperature increase over the last decade. Despite this possibly encouraging bit of news, the IPCC's fifth major assessment continues to report unequivocal warming due to human causes.

Saving San Francisco Building Owners Millions in Energy Costs

October 4, 2013 By Laura Hobbs and Laura Tam
Earlier this year a new ordinance requiring energy audits for existing commercial buildings in San Francisco went into effect. The audits identify upgrades a property owner can make to improve overall building efficiency. So far, the first 195 building audits have identified 32 gigawatt-hours of potential annual energy savings, with a value of $6 million. With thousands more audits slated to happen over the next two years, what kind of savings might we expect to see from this simple reporting requirement?

California’s New Urban Agriculture Property Tax Incentive

October 2, 2013 by Eli Zigas, Food Systems and Urban Agriculture Program Manager
One of the biggest challenges urban farmers face is access to land. Signed into law on September 28, the Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones Act — introduced by Assembly Member Phil Ting and supported by more than 25 organizations across the state — will increase the use of privately owned, vacant land for urban agriculture and improve land security for urban ag projects.

How Will BART Expand to Serve Its Growing Ridership?

September 25, 2013 By Ritu Garg
As BART ridership continues to grow much faster than expected, the agency is exploring ways to increase capacity and improve service. The study currently underway, called BART Metro Vision, looks to when BART would serve more than double today's ridership, and works to measure which investments will deliver the most benefits to Bay Area rail transit.

Making Way for Bus Rapid Transit on Van Ness Avenue

September 24, 2013 By Ritu Garg
This month the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) and San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) unanimously approved the final environmental impact statement/environmental impact report (EIS/EIR) for the Van Ness Avenue Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project. When finished in the spring of 2018, the BRT line will serve the two miles on Van Ness Avenue from Lombard Street to Mission Street. The idea behind bus rapid transit is to infuse bus service with the high quality and reliable attributes of rail while retaining the flexibility and lower capital costs of bus service. The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy emphasizes segregated transit-only lanes and frequent operation as key defining features of BRT service. While other BRT projects have struggled to retain some of these important aspects , the Van Ness project meets the standards for true BRT service. Its approved design, known as the Locally Preferred Alternative, runs in dedicated...

Next Steps for Fixing the San Francisco Housing Authority

September 19, 2013 By Tomiquia Moss, Community Planning Director
The City of San Francisco has embarked on an ambitious plan to re-envision the troubled San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA). SFHA is a federally recognized public corporation with a commission appointed by the local government and a mission to provide affordable housing to low- and moderate-income people. Concerned over the SFHA’s growing financial woes and poor organizational management, Mayor Ed Lee asked the city administrator and the director of the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development to lead an inclusive community process to identify strategies that would address the severe financial challenges facing the agency while still providing high-quality affordable housing to the more than 31,000 low-income residents it serves. This month, the city released its findings as the re-envisioning process concluded. SPUR credits the City of San Francisco for conducting an inclusive process, and we believe that the findings are a good first step on the road to...

Design Competition Considers Life After Highway 280

September 17, 2013 By Allison Arieff
In the June issue of The Urbanist , we explored the idea of removing Highway 280 north of 16th Street in San Francisco in order to reconnect the Mission Bay and Potrero Hill neighborhoods. This summer, the Center for Architecture presented a design competition to consider what might happen next. Here’s a look at the winning entries and the ideas they propose for transforming this urban barrier into a healthy neighborhood connection.

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