Welcome to the future. We can’t get here without you.

It will take all of us to realize a truly inclusive vision of the Bay Area. Whether you’re a policy maker or simply someone who cares deeply about this shared place we call home, we hope you will join us in envisioning a better future for the region. Above, you can click into our Invitations to learn more, or dive straight into our Regional Strategy Reports Library.

The natural environment offers more than beauty.

The natural environment offers more than beauty.

Protecting our open spaces and agricultural lands ...

Purifies our water

Provides natural habitat and stores carbon

Makes our communities more compact and easier to get around on foot or by bike

Encourages more efficient use of our streets, highways and transit systems

Creates new avenues for connection and opportunity

The price of a house can ignite something larger.

The price of a house can ignite something larger.

Affordable and sufficient housing ...

Shortens car commutes, which ...

Decreases the amount of carbon in the air, which ...

Reduces global warming, which ...

Prevents wildfires and other forms of ecological destruction that imperil California

Leah Nichols - SPUR Regional Strategy 2021

Artwork: Leah Nichols for CMG Landscape Architecture Studio video

Everything is connected

The task of tackling these crises can feel overwhelming, even impossible at times. But the fact is that stable housing, sustainable transportation, climate resilience and economic prosperity are not separate agendas — they are inextricably linked. We are one region, and working to solve one thing often connects to something larger and more impactful.

The challenges we seek to address are intertwined and far-reaching. But so are the solutions.

We believe in the seismic power of incremental shifts.

We believe in the seismic power of incremental shifts.

Changing the status quo won’t happen overnight, but the sooner we start, the farther we can go. If we correct course now, we can get the region on a healthier trajectory and create a more equitable and sustainable world for future generations.

Nimah Gobir - SPUR Regional Strategy 2021

Artwork: Nimah Gobir

From idea to action

This vision cannot remain an act of imagination. We can realize a Bay Area where:

- There is opportunity and belonging for all.

- Every family can achieve a stable and healthy standard of living.

- People come to create, invent and seek their fortunes.

- The region’s prosperity benefits everyone.

- Everyone can find a place to live and expect that their kids can stay here, too.

- We create great urban places while protecting the natural world.

- The impacts of one sector on another — housing, economy, environment, transportation — are intentional and positive.