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Issue 554
December 2016 to January 2017

What East Oakland Can Teach Us About Displacement

More and more people with the means to purchase a home are turning to the few places left in the Bay Area that are still (relatively) affordable. This includes East Oakland, which experienced the Bay Area's most explosive growth in home prices, resulting in our current phenomenon of displacement without development. Read More »

The Rise of the YIMBY Movement

In a region where people largely agree with each other about national issues, our most heated political debates revolve around local land use. The emergence of a Yes In My Back Yard movement has the potential to change long-unchallenged political dynamics. Read More »

Bye-Bye to By-Right Housing

Every reform proposal has powerful opponents, and Governor Jerry Brown’s “by-right” housing proposal was no exception. As a result, the policy, which would have automatically approved certain housing developments that comply with local zoning, failed to pass in the legislature. Read More »

Soda Taxes Reach a Tipping Point

The year 2016 will likely be marked as the tipping point for soda taxes. Voters approved soda taxes everywhere they appeared on the ballot this November. Two local legislatures also passed soda taxes this year. Which cities or states will be next? Read More »

Urban Field Notes: Transbay Takes Shape

SPUR’s staff photographer Sergio Ruiz has been documenting the progress of the Transbay Transit Center since just before the original terminal was demolished in 2010. The Center, which includes five levels of transit, retail and public open space meant to accommodate more than 100,000 passengers every weekday, is set to complete its first phase of construction by the end of this year. Read More »
Issue 554
October 2016 to November 2016

Housing the Next 100,000

San Francisco needs more housing. The question remains: Where should it go?
In a new exhibition, The City + The City , students explore how San Francisco's Affordable Housing Bonus Program and other interventions might help alleviate the city's housing shortage. Read More »
Issue 553 September 2016

The Corporate Campus: A Local History

A glimpse at how Silicon Valley became Silicon Valley.
The Bay Area’s economic engine has evolved into a spatial pattern that comes with high environmental and social costs. Can we change course? Read More »

A New Look at the Corporate Campus

How to grow the region’s economic engine more efficiently and sustainably.
The way we work is changing dramatically. Maybe it’s time that our workplaces did, too. Read More »

Urban Field Notes: Searching for Silicon Valley

​ A piece in the Mercury News earlier this year suggested that Silicon Valley is giving Alcatraz, the Golden Gate and the Bay Area’s other tourist attractions a run for their money. But what does Silicon Valley look like? Where would you send tourists hoping to “see” it? Read More »

Member Profile: Gavin Belson of HBO's Silicon Valley

Making the world a better place, one juice bar at a time.
No show better captures the current milieu of Silicon Valley better than, well, HBO’s Silicon Valley . The show’s Google doppelganger, Hooli, is led by CEO Gavin Belson. We were lucky enough to grab a few minutes of Gavin’s valuable time to talk about the future of the corporate campus. Read More »

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