SPUR Announces June 2012 Ballot Positions
By Corey Marshall, Good Government Policy Director
April 2, 2012

This June’s primary election will bear little resemblance to the contentious ballot San Franciscans considered last November. Gone are the competing pension reform measures, sales taxes and bonds. We’re left with two measures, both placed on the ballot by voter petition.

While the June slate may be lean, voters should take the time to fully research the measures on the ballot this spring. They’re important not just to how the city operates but also to how we choose to fund city services.

Prop. A addresses how the city contracts for garbage-collection and recycling services; this measure would require the city to own all supporting facilities (it currently does not) and competitively bid the service. Prop. B limits how the Recreation and Parks Department funds Coit Tower, which could create a precedent for similar limitations at other facilities throughout the parks system. These measures could both have potentially expensive implications.

After hearing an in-depth report from our Ballot Analysis Committee, SPUR’s board of directors voted to take the following positions regarding the two propositions on the San Francisco ballot this June:

Proposition A: Competitive Bidding for Garbage Collection and Disposal
Ordinance that would require the city to use a competitive bidding process to award separate franchises or contracts for five distinct categories of waste collection and processing in San Francisco, and would require the city to own all processing and transfer facilities utilized as part of these contracts.
SPUR position: NO


Proposition B: Coit Tower Policy
Policy statement to protect and preserve the murals in Coit Tower and to strictly limit commercial activities in the tower.
SPUR position: NO

Stay tuned for our in-depth analysis of these measures at spur.org/voterguide as Election Day approaches.


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