Mayor Ed Lee Helps Unveil SF's First Parkmobiles
By Cole Armstrong and Micah Hilt
August 10, 2011
Mayor Lee adds the final spadeful of dirt to one of San Francisco's first parkmobiles. Photo by Colleen McHugh

The Yerba Buena neighborhood already features museums, parks, an arts center and a convention center (as well as SPUR world headquarters), but starting this week there's something new to see: six new mobile parks, called “parkmobiles.” The first of their kind, the parkmobiles will be a shared resource in the community. Unlike the city's parklets, which are usually paid for by one business and stay in one location, the parkmobiles will rotate among many locations throughout the district. The project was sponsored by the Yerba Buena Community Benefits District (YBCBD), a consortium of local businesses and organizations (of which SPUR is a member), and completed with in-kind donations of materials and labor. Mayor Ed Lee helped unveil the first parkmobiles Tuesday, August 2, at the opening of SPUR’s new exhibition, Street Life | Yerba Buena : A Community Design Initiative:


The exhibition showcases the Yerba Buena Street Life Plan, which is designed to promote walking, biking, socializing and environmental sustainability in the Yerba Buena neighborhood. Led by YBCBD and designed by CMG Landscape Architecture, the project was developed in close consultation with community residents, businesses and organizations. The exhibition will be on display at SPUR through August 24.

Visit the Street Life | Yerba Buena exhibition >>


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