Datablog Roundup
October 7, 2010


Operating with a much larger canvas than SF, and the ability to shape its surroundings, the planned Dubai City dwarfs SF and takes on the Bay Area

Sprawl Crawl: A CEO's for Cities study shows sprawl as the true cause of traffic. As opposed to the Urban Mobility Report, which focuses specifically on travel times, this report takes into account such factors as land use and community design into its traffic calculations. GOOD magazine and Atley G. Kasky teamed up for this infographic.

Journalism in the age of Data: How will the way we absorb data evolve? Where has the field of journalism started to drift, and what have we learned about what impacts us. Produced as part of the John S. Knight fellowship program at Stanford. A new initiative launched last week, with aims of becoming the ultimate resource for data sets and corresponding visualizations. Using an open platform that operates under a creative commons license, is another intriguing development in the world of open data.

BBC Dimensions: Urban geographies are often a product of available resources, proximity to goods and services, as well as reaction to environmental factors. BBC Dimensions allows you to think about these land use patterns on both a global and historical scale. Users are able to take existing areas on the map and place ancient cities, large concert events, disasters, and many other things that consume land, on top of areas that they are more familiar with.


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