The Alliance for Biking & Walking Works the Bike Caucus
May 21, 2009

The Alliance for Biking & Walking, a national coalition of advocacy organizations, is working the Congressional Bike Caucus. The Caucus represents a majority of members who support an increased federal role in promoting bicycling as a solution to our nation's transportation crisis, not to mention our health and environmental crises.

In the attached letter from the Bike Caucus Chair, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Portland, OR), you'll see what  the national bike movement is up to. The letter calls for four policies:

1. an increase in safe routes to school funding. (This will help us traffic-calm many SF streets)

2. a complete streets requirement (that all streets be designed for safe use by all, a policy already in place in San Francisco).

3.  an "active transportation investment fund" to provide large grants for ambitious nonmotorized transportation plans, and

4. better data collection.

All in all, if the bike caucus (which is comprised of a slight majority of congress) supports this agenda, it bodes well for the urbanist transportation system SPUR is pushing.

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