Upcoming Events

Jun1Mon 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoYoung UrbanistsA Conversation With Michael KimmelmanLearn more >>
Jun2Tue 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoFilm ScreeningSlums: Cities of TomorrowLearn more >>
Jun4Thu 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumSites Unseen: Public Art in Yerba Buena's AlleysLearn more >>
Jun10Wed 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumThe Tenderloin & Central Market: A Healthy Neighborhood for All?Learn more >>
Jun16Tue 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumPresidio Parklands: Details and MaterialsLearn more >>
Jun18Thu 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.San FranciscoSPUR Member Parties2015 SPUR Member Party | San FranciscoLearn more >>
Jun23Tue 3:30 p.m.San FranciscoWalking TourBuilding Ultralight UrbanismLearn more >>
Jun24Wed 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumParking Management for Smart GrowthLearn more >>
Jun25Thu 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumSan Francisco's Economic StrategyLearn more >>
Jun25Thu 4:30 p.m.San FranciscoWalking TourHunters Point’s Ship Comes InLearn more >>
Jun29Mon 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumGenerational Perspectives: Urban Learn more >>
Jun30Tue 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumHow Do We House Seniors?Learn more >>
Jul7Tue 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumFinancing the FutureLearn more >>
Jul8Wed 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumArchitecture’s New EdgesLearn more >>
Jul14Tue 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumWhat Will It Take to Achieve Vision Zero?Learn more >>
Jul15Wed 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumTransportation for the Other 9-5Learn more >>
Jul16Thu 12:00 p.m.San FranciscoWalking TourA Movable Community GardenLearn more >>
Jul20Mon 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumGenerational Perspectives: CultureLearn more >>
Jul21Tue 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumThe Early Public Garages of San FranciscoLearn more >>
Jul21Tue 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumLessons from Rebuild by Design: How Bay Area Communities Can Create a More Resilient FutureLearn more >>
Jul22Wed 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumThe Future of Regional Connectivity in SFLearn more >>
Jul22Wed 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumPresidio Parklands: Schematic ReviewLearn more >>
Jul23Thu 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumCharting Course on the Bay TrailLearn more >>
Aug5Wed 12:00 p.m.San FranciscoWalking TourThe New Kid in ClassLearn more >>
Aug5Wed 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoFilm ScreeningChanging Season: On the Masumoto FarmLearn more >>
Aug11Tue 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumEncouraging Affordable Housing in San FranciscoLearn more >>
Aug12Wed 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumThe Downtown Plan at 25Learn more >>
Aug12Wed 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumOur Innovative EconomyLearn more >>
Aug19Wed 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumLearning From New OrleansLearn more >>
Aug20Thu 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoExhibition OpeningExhibition Opening: VENUELearn more >>
Aug23Sun 10:00 a.m.San FranciscoYoung UrbanistsThe Amazing Race IVLearn more >>
Aug24Mon 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumGenerational Perspectives: HomeLearn more >>
Aug26Wed 4:30 p.m.San FranciscoWalking TourHunters View: What’s New and What’s AheadLearn more >>
Aug27Thu 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumFarm-to-Bottle: The Road to True Local BrewsLearn more >>
Aug29Sat 5:00 p.m.San FranciscoWalking TourFrom Power Plant to Community VisionLearn more >>