Sizing Up Climate Resilience in the Bay Area

A white paper by the Bay Area Joint Policy Committee and SPUR

White Paper July 24, 2014

With atmospheric carbon dioxide continually exceeding levels considered “safe” and unlikely to decline anytime soon, it is now clear that some climate impacts are unavoidable. As our region has become more aware of the local impacts of climate change, our communities have grown more interested in understanding our vulnerabilities and what actions we can take to become more resilient to climatic changes.

While we know how to determine our impacts on the climate, by inventorying and developing plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we know much less about how to measure our ability to respond to the climate’s potential impacts on us. SPUR and the Bay Area Joint Policy Committee partnered to conduct an assessment of efforts already underway and to bring leaders together to discuss best practices in developing and monitoring resilience through ongoing measurement of key indicators.

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