SPUR leads coalition in opposition to City of Cupertino attempt to circumvent State Density Bonus Law

Policy Letter

SPUR submitted a coalition letter to oppose a proposed City of Cupertino density bonus ordinance that popped up at the last minute in an apparent effort to limit the application of new amendments to state law set to take effect on January 1, 2021. The proposed City ordinance would reduce both the percentage (from 15% to 13%) of required inclusionary very low-income housing and the percentage of density bonus units (from 50% to 40%) below those authorized under new state law.

The state statute adopted by the Legislature finds and declares that the intent behind State Density Bonus Law is to allow the private sector and market-rate developments to provide affordable housing for lower-income households without the need for public subsidies.Our coalition letter urged the City Council to reject the proposed ordinance and allow the new amendments to State Density Bonus Law to go into effect and be applied to the City of Cupertino and future projects. In our view, this is the best way to address the housing availability and affordability problems the city faces.