SPUR Comments on Proposed Oakland Public Lands Strategy

Policy Letter December 3, 2018

Like many other groups, we believe that public land should contribute to the public good – by supporting long term housing affordability, mixed income communities, economic development opportunities for all Oaklanders and the fiscal health of the city as a whole. We have reviewed the different proposals currently on the table and would like to offer our comments and suggestions, below:

  • The Public Lands Strategy should comply with the Surplus Lands Act.
  • The City should develop a clear, transparent process and clear, transparent criteria for evaluating development proposals.
  • The Public Lands Strategy should maximize the total number of affordable units that can be built on public land, not just the percentage of units that are affordable.
  • The Public Lands Strategy should support the creation of mixed-use neighborhoods.
  • The City should coordinate with other public entities that own land within Oakland so that all public lands in the city support the goals of the Public Lands Strategy.

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