SPUR Comments on MTC Regional Means-Based Transit Fare Study

Letter commenting on next steps to MTC's Regional Means-Based Transit Fare Pricing Study

Policy Letter June 28, 2017

SPUR is appreciative that MTC launched the Means-Based Fare Study in 2015 to determine if a region-wide low-income transit far program would be feasible and effective.

We have developed the following suggestions for next steps: 1) Collect and use more data and use results to set direction of pilot program; 2) Do more exploration into needs of low-income transit users; 3) Use Clipper 2.0 upgrade to modify Clipper to make it more effective for low-income people; 4) Design a program that makes using the discount fare an easy experience; 5) Coordinate with Bay Area Bike Share's means-based program; 6) Carefully study regional pass options; 7) Design the fare pilot to discover answers to unresolved questions.

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