SPUR Comments on the Sustainable Communities Strategy and Regional Transportation Plan for the Bay Area

Letter offering recommendations on the Jobs-Housing Connection Scenario and the Draft Plan Bay Area Investment Strategy

Policy Letter April 23, 2012

This letter has five separate recommendations, offered in the spirit of supporting the best possible and most transparent SCS and RTP for the Bay Area:

1.  Increase regional housing growth totals to include housing for all Bay Area workers and to support 110,000 additional jobs.

2.  Clarify how the scenario achieves the 9 percent per capita reduction in greenhouse gases (GHG).

3.  Clarify the land use allocation with a map, a better explanation of the methodology and the specific land use policies that achieve the growth pattern.

4.  Close the GHG gap through policies that reduce the demand for automobile use and help achieve focused land use patterns.

5.  Incorporate consistent support for focused growth and high-performing transit projects in other transportation investment strategies.

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