Project Review Advisory Board

The health and success of cities depends in part on the quality of new development and whether it contributes to improving life for residents, workers and visitors. As a public policy organization, SPUR focuses primarily on city and regional policies, plans and codes rather than on individual projects. In order to make high-quality infill development easier to build, we prioritize setting good rules for zoning, fees, housing affordability, sustainability and other standards. However, on occasion we will review and endorse projects according to whether they meet SPUR’s criteria for good development.

SPUR'S Project Review Advisory Board looks at Bay Area development proposals of citywide or regional importance, evaluating their potential to enhance the vitality of the city and region according to the policy priorities and principles of good placemaking that SPUR supports. We also provide urban design consultation to give feedback and advice on development proposals.  

Project Review Criteria

The advisory board reviews projects on the following basis:

Is this an appropriate location for development?

  • Near transit and infrastructure
  • Not a greenfield site

Is the program land use mix appropriate?

  • Contributes to a diverse stock of housing
  • Fosters economic development
  • Provides amenities and services

Is the project of sufficient density for the site?

  • Supports adjacent transit
  • Prevents underutilization of land, does not foreclose future opportunities to serve the future needs of Bay Area residents

Does the project create a good place for people, contributing to a walkable environment and good public realm?

  • Meets the street with engaging building design and active ground-floor treatment
  • Supports more modes of access and minimizes auto dependency
  • Minimizes parking and curb cuts

Project Review Advisory Board Members

Co-chair: Charmaine Curtis, principal, Curtis Development *

Co-chair: Diane Filippi, former SPUR Urban Center director *

Laura Crescimano, principal, SITELAB Urban Studio

Dean Macris, former director, SF Planning

Ron Miguel, former planning commissioner, SF Planning

Jeffrey Till, principal, Studio Till*

Peter Winkelstein, former principal, SMWM

*SPUR Board Member

If you are interested in having your project reviewed or endorsed by SPUR, contact SPUR Community Planning Policy Director Kristy Wang at We encourage project sponsors to bring projects to our attention early in the process to determine the best time for a meeting.

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