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Diridon Station as Catalyst: 9 Takeaways From Europe

November 7, 2017 By Teresa Alvarado and Laura Tolkoff
This summer, SPUR and the Knight Foundation took a delegation of South Bay elected officials and transit agency leaders to visit high-speed rail stations in the Netherlands and France. The trip was a quest for precedents as San Jose prepares to remake Diridon Station into one of the nation’s first high-speed rail hubs. Nine takeaways emerged from the trip as critical considerations for San Jose.

Is Oakland Ready for the Big One?

November 7, 2017 By Mori Wallner, SPUR Intern
Experts agree that the Bay Area is due for a major earthquake by the year 2050. In the event of such a disaster, Oakland and other cities will need to respond to both immediate and long-term challenges. At a recent SPUR forum, panelists talked about their work addressing uncertainty and mitigating seismic hazards in Oakland.

What Happens After the Fires?

October 17, 2017 By Sarah Karlinsky, Senior Policy Advisor
The scale of the devastating fires unfolding in the North Bay is a painful reminder of the earthquake disasters SPUR has studied over the years. As first responders valiantly work to contain the damage and save lives, government officials will soon need to shift their attention to the daunting task of rebuilding the northern part of our region. How should they proceed?

What Does the Bay Area Need to Do About Housing?

October 16, 2017 By Sarah Karlinsky, Senior Policy Advisor, Egon Terplan, Regional Planning Director, and Kristy Wang, Community Planning Policy Director
A group of regional stakeholders is working together to develop bold solutions to address the Bay Area's housing challenges. CASA, the Committee to House the Bay Area, will spend the next year building consensus on the “three Ps”: increasing housing production, preserving housing and protecting residents from displacement. SPUR offers recommendations on how to move the needle forward on the first P, increasing housing production.

SF Mayor Directs City to Deliver 5,000 Housing Units Per Year

October 13, 2017 By Kristy Wang, Community Planning Policy Director
Last month, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee issued an executive directive calling for the city to speed up housing production in order to deliver 5,000 homes a year on an ongoing basis. The mayor’s directive argues that there is more that the city can and must do to sustain the pace of housing creation over the long term.

Could Germany’s Co-Developed Urban Housing Be a Model for the Bay Area?

September 21, 2017 By Kristy Wang, Community Planning Policy Director, and Benjamin Grant, Urban Design Policy Director
Germany’s baugruppen (“building groups”) are a modern form of co-housing in which households of all kinds collectively finance and build a multifamily building as a means to improve quality of life and foster community. Could it work here? SPUR is hosting a lunchtime panel conversation on October 5 with experts in co-housing and co-living to explore baugruppen and other models.

Why We All Benefit From Affordable Housing With Services

September 20, 2017 By Kristy Wang, Community Planning Policy Director
Voters around the Bay Area have shown their commitment to addressing homelessness by passing generous funding measures — but resistance to proposed housing that would actually serve homeless residents remains strong. In order to approve and build these homes, the Bay Area will need political will and public support. Here are three reasons why supportive housing should matter to all of us.

Bringing BART to Downtown San Jose: Three Things to Consider

September 19, 2017 By Laura Tolkoff, San Jose Policy Director
The extension of BART to San Jose is moving forward. The city and the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Board of Directors will soon vote on some major decision points: where to locate stations and what tunneling method to use. While SPUR isn’t taking a position on all of these decisions, we offer a few ways to think about each of the options.

What Temescal and Rockridge Have to Do With Oakland’s Housing Shortage

September 6, 2017 By Madison Roberts, Oakland Intern
Oakland neighborhoods like Temescal and Rockridge are walkable, have great restaurants, parks and transit access — and are too expensive for most. These neighborhoods would be great places to build the city’s needed housing, but many have zoning regulations that prevent it.

How the Bay Area Can Get the Most Out of Bike Sharing

August 31, 2017 Arielle Fleisher, SPUR Transportation Policy Associate, and Chris Kidd, Senior Transportation Planner, ARUP
Ford GoBike has launched in five Bay Area cities. At its planned scale of 7,000 bikes, the program has potential to change how people get around — but only if there are policies in place to help guarantee its success. SPUR shares five ways Bay Area cities can get the most out of this and other bike-sharing programs.

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