Indoor backdrop next to windows with greenery outside. Subject is a woman with long, black hair and a black t-shirt.

Sydney Ng


Digital Communications Specialist

Communications and Engagement

Social media, website and email newsletters

Sydney manages the online presence of SPUR through social media, website management, and newsletter development. She received both her B.A. in Design Studies and M.A. in Communication Studies from San José State University. Previously, she completed digital communications, graphic design, and social science research internships through SJSU. Additionally, Sydney has worked in human resources and internal branding at Denodo Technologies.

During her time in graduate school, she wrote her thesis, "Hybridity and Habitation: A Rhetorical Analysis of Interior Design in Live-Action Cyberpunk Films Through the Lens of Posthumanism and Thing Theory." She is passionate about the intersection of science, entertainment, and design. In her free time, Sydney enjoys working out at home, watching video essays about media, and spending time with her pet bird.