Benjamin Grant

Urban Design Policy Director


Public realm and urban design programs, Ocean Beach Master Plan
(415) 644-4880

Benjamin Grant is a city planner, urban designer, curator and teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 2009 he has led SPUR's Ocean Beach Master Plan, an award-winning climate adaptation strategy for San Francisco's open coast. He leads SPUR's policy research on physical planning and urban design, including the 2013 report Getting to Great Places, supporting the transformation of San Jose and other suburban communities into walkable, sustainable places.

He has developed exhibitions on a range of urban issues, including Agents of Change, a historical survey of San Francisco urbanism for the opening of the SPUR Urban Center. He has been a lecturer and studio instructor in the graduate program in Urban and Regional Planning at San Jose State University and has taught at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Benjamin has contributed to a range of planning and urban design projects in the Bay Area and beyond. His areas of practice include conceptual urban design, adaptive coastal management, open space planning and policy, code reform, transportation and land-use integration, and targeted client and stakeholder communications. He is a frequent commentator and participant in juries and studio reviews and has published dozens of articles and reports. Benjamin also co-founded CITY|SPACE, a nonprofit cultural institution exploring cities and urbanism through fine art, film, design and cultural landscape research.