Tilly Chang

Executive Director

San Francisco County Transportation Authority

San Francisco Director

Tilly Chang serves as the Executive Director at the San Francisco County Transportation Authority. The Transportation Authority administers the Prop K local transportation sales tax and is the Congestion Management Agency (CMA) for San Francisco. Ms. Chang led the development of the 30-year Countywide Transportation Plan for San Francisco in 2004 and supported the reauthorization of the Prop K local transportation sales tax in 2003; oversaw a multi-modal transportation planning program that includes development of the city’s 30-year long-range transportation blueprint, called the San Francisco Transportation Plan; oversaw the city’s Congestion Management Program; coordinated with multiple city departments to develop the city’s input to the region’s first Sustainable Communities Strategy/Regional Transportation Plan and One Bay Area Grant program policies; and lastly, spearheaded several policy and planning efforts including congestion management and pricing initiatives, multiple neighborhood, station and corridor planning studies, and the development of San Francisco's first full-featured bus rapid transit projects. Ms. Chang holds an advanced degree in Transportation from M.I.T. and a degree in Economics, with a minor in City Planning, from U.C. Berkeley, and has over 19 years of professional experience encompassing three years in the private sector and 16 years in transportation planning, including one year at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, five years as a Transport Officer at the World Bank and 10 years as the Manager of Planning and Deputy Director for Planning at the Transportation Authority.