Summer Bundy

Vice President

Carollo Engineers

San Francisco Director

Summer Bundy is a Client Account Manager and environmental engineer at Carollo Engineers, Inc. with two decades of civil infrastructure experience. She has worked on City of San Francisco infrastructure projects for nearly 15 years. Summer is currently working with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to plan and design the Treasure Island Wastewater Treatment Plant and Recycled Facility, and for the Port of San Francisco on the Seawall Resilience Program. Summer’s interests lie in incorporating innovation and sustainability into major urban capital programs in this era of aged assets, rising construction costs, and competing infrastructure needs. Summer established CH2M’s highly respected Community Benefits program, which seeks to target volunteer and financial investment in the areas of STEM education, women in science and engineering, engineering internships, and urban food security. She is particularly focused on supporting local governments in their efforts to plan, fund, and build livable and resilient cities. She has a bachelor’s of science from Humboldt State University.