Peter Back

Senior Vice President of Construction, Boston Properties

San Francisco Director

Peter Back is Senior Vice President of Construction for Boston Properties in the San Francisco Region. With over 33 years of management experience in the commercial construction industry, Peter provides leadership and oversight for all West Coast construction. Specific properties include Embarcadero Center, 535 Mission, 680 Folsom, and Salesforce Tower in San Francisco, the Gateway Campus in South San Francisco, assets in Mountain View and the greater San Jose area, assets in Santa Monica and Safeco Tower in Seattle.

Prior to joining Boston Properties, Peter spent 12 years at Webcor Builders. He received his master’s degree from the Saint Mary’s College Executive MBA Program, School of Economics and Business Administration, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo. He obtained a LEED AP certification and is involved in several industry-related associations throughout the San Francisco area. He participates in the Cal Poly Alumni Association with great interest in the College of Engineering and Construction Management program.