Oliver Cunningham

Deputy Chief of Police

Oakland Police Department

Oakland Director

Oliver Cunningham is one of three Deputy Chiefs for the Oakland Police Department (OPD), CA and he is responsible for the operations of the Bureau of Investigation. Since joining OPD in 1991, he helped introduce the concept of community policing which has evolved from a specialized group of officers to one that is now a Department wide responsibility of all personnel with operations which are at the forefront of a national overhaul of community policing practices, policies, and priorities. Oliver has been tasked with nearly every available assignment within the organization from patrol, criminal investigations, internal investigations to multi-agency task forces. A recipient of several local and federal community service and leadership awards as well as a Department Medal of Valor, Oliver is currently the Acting Assistant Chief of Police responsible for all Department operations while reporting directly to the Chief of Police. Consistent with the mission of the OPD, Oliver implements practices and policies that subscribe to the tenets of procedural justice, community policing, and collaboration with all partners in an effort to make Oakland a more effective, transparent, and community organizations as well as to set the standard for best practices in present and future policing in America. Oliver has served as the President of the Oakland Police Foundation. He earned a Bachelor’s of Art degree from Stanford University and Masters of Science degree from Union Institute & University. He is married and has two daughters, one currently earning a Master’s degree from Boston University and the other pursuing her Bachelor’s degree at St. Mary’s College.