Dahlia Chazan

Deputy Chief, Caltrain Planning

San Francisco Director

Dahlia Chazan leads the Caltrain Planning Department. Her team is focused on preparing for transformative, electrified service in late 2024; building ridership, in advance of electrified service and with a focus on equity; expanding the system via major projects at Diridon station and the Downtown Extension in San Francisco; implementing transit-oriented development; and improving access to stations. She is a Bay Area-based urban planner, who came to planning after studying ecology as an undergrad, wanting to understand how land use impacted important natural the resources. Planning has given her the tools to understand how our choices as a society impact people and the planet, as well as opportunities to make my own positive impact on those choices. Starting in the mid-2010s, she began to focus more on transportation, especially public transit, and leading to her current work at Caltrain.