Chris Iglesias

Chief Executive Officer

The Unity Council

Executive Board Officer, Oakland Director

Mr. Iglesias started his career in the public sector in 1990 when he was hired as a Contract Compliance Officer for the City of Oakland after the 1989 earthquake. Mr. Iglesias brings over 25 years experience in the public and private sector with his most recent work in executive leadership with the City & County of San Francisco. Mr. Iglesias made the very conscious decision to leave public sector employment to come to the Fruitvale to lead The Unity Council because he felt that the greatest needs in the Bay Area were in Oakland. In order for this transition to work, Mr. Iglesias had to retire from the public sector so he could assume the leadership role for The Unity Council.

Mr. Iglesias brings his expansive network to The Unity Council which has already benefited in the securing of $8 million in Transit Oriented Development funds from the State of California for the Fruitvale Transit Village Phase II, a real estate development project. As Mr. Iglesias begins his third year with the Council, he now realizes that the challenges for not only The Unity Council but for the community are much greater than he had anticipated early on. But with those greater challenges comes the opportunity to do greater good and have more of an impact, which ultimately was his primary reason to leaving his previous position to work in the trenches of the Fruitvale in Oakland.