Facility Rental FAQs

How do I book an event at the SPUR Urban Center?

Review our rental brochure

Review photos, room capacities and floor plans to get an idea if SPUR will fit your needs.

Email us

Please include:


  1. Event date
  2. Event start and end time
  3. Guest count
  4. Event set-up style (i.e., theater, classroom, standing reception, seated dinner)
  5. Any other requirements, constraints or requests you may have

Place a soft hold

This will reserve the space until someone else inquires, in which case you will have 24 hours to go to contract or release the space.

Contract phase

  1. Finalize start and end time

  2. Receive contract from the rental manager

  3. Sign, scan and email contract and provide 50% deposit on total rental amount

30 days prior

Final payment due

2 weeks prior

Request for furniture due

Insurance due

Week of

Final schedule of deliveries, flow, floor plan due


What is your payment schedule?

50% due at signing

50% due 30 days prior to the event

Can I rent the 3rd floor?

No, these are SPUR’s offices.

How do I set up a site visit?

The rental manager is available for pre-scheduled site visits:


9–10 am or 4–5 pm


Please note:


Times subject to calendar availability. We do not show a space while a private event is in progress.


If none of these times work for you, please contact the rental manager for additional options.


Drop-ins cannot be accommodated in our volunteer-run building.

What hours may I have a rental?

SPUR may be rented for an event during any hours of the day or night.

What hours may I come by or have things dropped off?
Curbside parking/loading

Please refer to signage for the most accurate parking information.

Immediately in front of SPUR:

Yellow-zone commercial (9 am–3 pm)

Tow-away (7–9 am; 3–6 pm)

No parking (2–6 am) every day, including holidays, for street cleaning

There is metered parking down the block (often full).

What is included in my rental?



Inclusive of:


  • 10 mbps/10 mbps

  • Option to upgrade to 80 mbps/80 mbps for additional fee. Please inquire.

  • Password protected. Login info can be provided on event day by the site manager or requested in advance from the rental manager.

A/V 2nd floor

Fully built in

  • (2) built-in motorized screens

  • (2) built-in projectors (4000 and 6000 Lumens, WXGA Resolution). The projector is 1080p with 16:9 aspect ratio implying a resolution of 1920×1080.

  • (1) lectern with MacBook and built-in mic (Adobe Reader, Keynote and PowerPoint (Mac 2011) installed)

  • (1) cordless handheld mic

  • (1) lapel mic

  • (4) tabletop mics

  • (21) in-ceiling speakers

  • Light scene settings

  • Phono-plug audio output jack

  • VGA and phono-plug inputs

  • (1) DVI input on the equipment rack

  • Phono-plug input for background music from an iPod

  • Screen dimensions: 140'' x 76" (cinderblock wall); 136" x 77" (window wall). Both: 62" from the ground.

Portable A/V (4th OR 1st floor)

(subject to availability)

The portable A/V includes:

  • Portable screen: 60" x 80"

  • Projector on a rolling cart

  • MacBook available upon request

The portable sound system includes:

  • (1) mic (corded)

  • (2) Fender speaker

  • Audio cable to connect to an iPod or computer


(subject to availability)

Day-of site manager

To provide access to building, help coordinate setup, answer any questions, provide A/V tutorial

Janitorial services

Available on event day to move all SPUR furniture, tidy space and restrooms throughout event, clean space after event


(subject to availability)

(4) rolling partitions: approx. 8' x 6'

(2) double-sided rolling magnetic whiteboards 4’x5’ (whiteboard space) 4’x6’ (total height)

(3) stanchions in which you can slip 8.5" x 11" sheets (oriented portrait/vertically in case you're preprinting materials)

(3) easels

(1) black-and-gray loveseat

(4) black-and-red low, hard-surface lounge chairs

(12) black sleek chairs

(6) red rolling chairs

Examples of items

NOT included:

  • Whiteboard markers

  • Flipcharts

  • Tape

  • Ladders

  • Power strips

  • Extension cords

  • Printed signs

  • Printing/scanning services of any kind

  • Linens

Office Depot is located just around the corner and offers most/all of these items and services.


Do I need linens for your tables?

That depends. Many people like the look of our tables and leave them as-is. But you may want to cover them to add formality, create or maintain a color palette or for catering/food tables. Here is what our tables look like so you can decide.


Please note: SPUR does NOT provide linens. Please see our preferred vendors list.

May I hang things from the walls?

Yes, as long as the walls are not damaged.

Things that have worked in the past:

  • Self-adhering flipcharts

  • Blue painter’s tape

  • Blue putty

Hanging methods NOT allowed include (but are not limited to):

  • Pushpins

  • Nails of any kind

  • Anything that leaves smudges, marks, discoloration, holes or chips or that removes paint

Please note: The renter will be charged for any damage done to walls.

May we remove any of the art that is on the walls?

No. But you may pipe and drape in front of it.

May I have items mailed/shipped to SPUR prior to my event?

Yes. Must be preapproved by the rental manager. Please email the email the rental manager to inquire.

Elevator dimensions

Exterior/entrance frame height: 6'10"; interior height 7' (includes a couple of inches for clearance); depth 7'6";

width 5'3" (includes clearance for ADA rails)

Do you offer A/V support?

SPUR does NOT have A/V or tech staff. Your day-of site manager will give you a quick tutorial. You/your team are responsible for the operation of all devices throughout your event.

Our system is user-friendly, and most events find that they do not require tech staff.

To hire A/V staff or for additional A/V services, please see our preferred vendors list.

If you feel that your setup will be more extensive, please have your tech email the rental manager to schedule a walk-through or discuss details over the phone.

May I bring my own computer? What is the best way to get my presentation going?

OPTION 1: SPUR has a MacBook laptop available for use, and you are welcome to bring your presentations on a flash drive.


OPTION 2: You may bring your own laptop. SPUR has an Apple adapter (we cannot guarantee this will be compatible with newer laptops) and the standard PC plug. SPUR strongly recommends bringing a flash drive in addition just in case.

Please note: iPads do not work well with our projectors.

Does SPUR offer catering?

No. Please see our preferred vendors list. Vendors on the list are familiar with SPUR and offer consistently delicious food and reliable service.

Am I required to use one of your caterers?

No. You are welcome to hire anyone of your choosing. If they HAVE NOT worked at SPUR in the past, they must visit the building and sign off on our vendor rules and procedures.

Is there a catering kitchen?

No. There is a catering prep space on the basement level.

Do you allow open flame (for sterno/chafing dishes and/or candles)?

SPUR DOES NOT allow open flame (including sterno) without a fire permit, which will be required onsite on event day. Convection ovens are most commonly used. Anything electric is okay.

May I have rented furniture or items delivered prior to my event?

Most likely, yes. Items must be preapproved by the rental manager. Please email to inquire.

What are your policies on serving alcohol?

SPUR policy requires that all alcoholic beverages must be served by persons backed with a liquor license. SPUR recommends using a beverage caterer. Some beverage caterers may offer a pour-only package that allows you to provide your own alcohol.

If you do not wish to hire staffing, you are welcome to research and go through the process of pulling a permit from Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC).

While the ABC may not require you to have a liquor license for your specific event, SPUR does require that your organization have a liquor license, regardless of the type of event, in addition to the liquor liability insurance.

Please note: SPUR strictly adheres to state and federal laws, rules and regulations regarding the serving of alcoholic beverages.

  • Alcohol is not permitted in public areas prior to closing time.
  • Alcohol may not be served to minors (anyone under 21 years of age) at any time. Catering/bartending staff must ensure that no minors are drinking alcohol by appropriate means of identification set forth by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.
  • Caterer’s personnel and bartenders must notify their managers when they observe a guest drinking irresponsibly and cease all alcoholic beverage service to said guest. If such a situation occurs, the special events coordinator on duty should be notified immediately.
Do I need insurance? What does that entail?

Yes. SPUR requires a CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY INSURANCE when renting any space for any type of event. Usually, this can be obtained through a company policy.

Please name SPUR as additionally insured for $1,000,000 on your insurance policy for the date(s) of your event. Please scan and email a copy of the insurance to the rental manager.

The certificate should reference:

SPUR Urban Center

654 Mission St.

San Francisco, CA 94105

Click here to view an example.

Specific information on insurance from our rental contract:

Liability Insurance:

The Renter shall at its own expense procure and maintain “program insurance” with the following limits: a policy of commercial general liability insurance and a policy of host liquor liability insurance, each having a combined single limit of liability of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate for bodily injuries or death of persons or property damage occurring on, in or about the Center Premises which insurance shall (a) name the Center as an additional insured, (b) specifically cover the liability assumed by the Renter under this Agreement, (c) be issued by an insurance company approved to do business in the State of California, (d) be primary and noncontributing with any insurance that may be carried by the Center, and (e) provide that said insurance shall not be canceled or coverage changed unless thirty (30) days’ prior written notice shall have been given to the Center. No later than thirty (30) days prior to the Program, the Renter shall furnish to the Center a certificate or certificates evidencing that the required insurance policies are in full force and effect.


  • SPUR requires all caterers and vendors working at SPUR to provide evidence of the following insurance: (i) Commercial General Liability Insurance with limits of not less than $2,000,000 per occurrence and annual aggregate; (ii) if alcoholic beverages will be served, Liquor Liability with limits of not less than $1,000,000; (iii) workers’ compensation insurance in accordance with applicable law, and employers’ liability coverage with limits of not less than $1,000,000; and (iv) business automobile liability insurance with limits of not less than $1,000,000 each occurrence, including coverage for owned, non-owned and hired automobiles.
  • If the caterer subcontracts to a licensed bartending company for cocktail service, the caterer must carry liquor liability insurance if any of its employees will be engaged in the service of alcoholic beverages at the event.
  • The insurance policies must name as additional insureds the Urban Center.
  • The insurance policies shall: (i) be issued by companies reasonably satisfactory to SPUR; (ii) be primary to any other insurance available to the additional insureds with respect to claims covered under the policy and shall apply separately to each insured against whom a claim is made or suit is brought; (iii) include coverage of independent contractors; (iv) be written on an occurrence basis; and (v) otherwise satisfy the then current insurance requirements of SPUR. Caterers and vendors agree to provide SPUR with certificates of insurance and additional insured policy endorsements evidencing the required coverage at least fourteen (14) days prior to the event. Upon request by SPUR, caterers and vendors must immediately furnish complete copies of policies.

I am an individual without a company insurance policy. What do I do?

Insurance for weddings/personal parties:

OPTION 1: 1-800-engaged or wedsafe.com

OPTION 2: Through your homeowner’s insurance policy