The Urbanist

Issue 548January 2016

2015: The Year in Urbanism

  • The Economic Boom Continues

    The Bay Area has emerged as one of the most significant economic engines on earth, yet some of the region's policy failures are limiting its ability to add jobs.
  • A Good Year for Housing Reform

    Voters took constructive steps to add supply of both market rate and affordable housing, while at the same time rejecting a measure that would have reduced supply.
  • Is Prefab Pretty Fab?

    With housing demand higher than ever and construction costs rising, several multifamily developers placed their bets on prefabricated affordable housing.
Issue 547November 2015

Walk! Run! Ride! Jump!

Issue 546October 2015


Issue 545September 2015

Walking in San Francisco

Issue 544July 2015

Learning from New Orleans

The Urbanist June 2015 Cover Issue 543June 2015

Big Challenges, Exciting Opportunities

Issue 542May 2015

Seamless Transit

Issue 541March 2015

Get to Know Your In-Laws

Issue 540February 2015

SPUR comes to Oakland

Issue 539December 2014

2014: The Year in Urbanism

Issue 538November 2014

Urban Cartography

Issue 537October 2014

Achieving Economic Prosperity in the Bay Area

Issue 536August 2014

Learning from London

July 2014 SPUR Urbanist Magazine Issue 535July 2014

Envisioning a Bright Future for South Bay Transportation

The Urbanist Issue: 534 Issue 534June 2014

Making a Great Ground Floor

The Urbanist Issue: 533 Issue 533May 2014

Food: It's Not Just What's on Your Plate

Issue 532April 2014

Can We Avert Catastrophic Climate Change?

  • The Great Dithering

    The waters are rising, and cities can’t move out of the way. Can we act decisively enough to avert catastrophic climate change?
  • Member Profile: EB Min

    With offices in San Francisco and Omaha, the architecture firm of Min | Day gets to design everything from startups to barns.
The Urbanist Issue: 531 Issue 531March 2014

Destination: Downtown San Jose

Issue 530February 2014

It's Not Too Late to Make San Francisco Affordable Again

Issue 529December 2013

2013: The Year in Urbanism

Issue 528November 2013

Opting for Urbanism

Issue 527September 2013

Unbuilt San Francisco

Issue 526August 2013

Learning from New York

Issue 525July 2013

New Life for Old Buildings

Issue 524June 2013

Should 280 Be Taken Down?

Issue 523May 2013

Grow. Eat. Compost. Repeat.

Issue 522April 2013

Downtown San Jose

Issue 521March 2013

The Future of Water

  • The Future of Water

    How Bay Area supply can meet demand in the 21st century. Excerpted from the SPUR report "Future-Proof Water."
  • Member Profile: Andres Duany

    The architect, author, urban planner and father of New Urbanism reflects on the movement’s always compelling, ever-controversial, evolution and describes for us what he sees as its latest incarnation — “lean urbanism.”
Issue 520February 2013

On Solid Ground

Issue 519December 2012

2012: The Year in Urbanism

Issue 518November 2012

Grand Reductions

Issue 517October 2012

Smart Cities

Issue 516August 2012

Learning from Los Angeles

  • The Benefits of Big

    On a recent visit to Los Angeles, SPUR discovers the benefits — and challenges — of living in a county that encompasses over 4,000 square miles.
  • Transit, Transformed

    Architecture critic Reyner Banham once quipped that he'd "learned to drive in order to read Los Angeles in the original." Today, he'd ride light rail instead.
  • A New Course for the L.A. River

    Plans are in the works to transform what many think of as a concrete ditch into a sustainable, cultural resource for the region.
Issue 515July 2012

Hollywood vs. Silicon Valley

Issue 514June 2012

Re-Urbanizing the Bay Area's Edge

Issue 513May 2012

Harvesting the City

Issue 512April 2012

Taking the Long View at Ocean Beach

Issue 511March 2012

Navigating a Better Future for Transit

Issue 510February 2012

Safe Enough to Stay?

Issue 509January 2012

The Urban Future of Work

Issue 508December 2011

The Year in Urbanism

Issue 507October 2011

SPUR's 2011 Ballot Analysis

Issue 506September 2011

Solving San Francisco’s Parks Funding Crisis

Issue 505August 2011

What Can China Teach Us About Growth?

Issue 504July 2011

Can Market Street Be Great Again?

Issue 503May 2011

Is the Bay Area Ready for Climate Change?

Issue 502April 2011

Planning for a Changing Coastline

Issue 501March 2011

Good Government in a Time of Austerity

Issue 500February 2011

How to Green San Francisco's Existing Apartments

Issue 499January 2011

2010: The Year in Urbanism

Issue 498November 2010

High-Speed Rail and California's Future

Issue 497October 2010

SPUR's 2010 Ballot Analysis

Issue 496September 2010

Do-It-Yourself City

Issue 495August 2010

Learning from San Jose

Issue 494July 2010

After the Disaster

Issue 493June 2010

Are Cities Overplanned?

Issue 492May 2010

A Balancing Act

  • A Balancing Act

    Controller Ben Rosenfield talks about economic booms, busts and their impact on the city budget
Issue 490March 2010


Issue 489February 2010

Learning from S.F.

Issue 488January 2010

Learning from D.C.

Issue 487November 2009

Sea Level Rise

Issue 486October 2009

SPUR's 2009 Ballot Analysis

Issue 485September 2009

Job Sprawl and the New Suburbia

Issue 484August 2009

Housing in the Downturn

Issue 483June 2009

SPUR Urban Center Grand Opening

Issue 482May 2009

42 Options to Reduce Global Warming

  • Critical Cooling

    San Francisco can fight global warming through smart changes to local policy. What can we do to lead the way?
Issue 480March 2009

Making Downtown Work

Issue 479February 2009

When Is a Building Safe Enough?

Issue 478January 2009

Secrets of San Francisco