SPUR Position on the Warriors Arena Proposal

SPUR Task Force preliminary evaluation of the Piers 30-32/SWL 330 Arena Project proposal

Policy Letter October 3, 2013

SPUR’s comments at this time are limited and conditional since important aspects of the project are still to be resolved. As a result of our review and discussion to date, we believe that the project should achieve the following objectives:

1.     Contribute to the vitality of the waterfront;

2.     Contribute to the public realm and open space network along the waterfront;

3.     Exemplify high quality architecture and urban design;

4.     Appropriately respond to existing plans and regulations or provide reasonable rationale for changes;

5.     Include a community benefits packages that addresses pressing social needs such as local employment while also addressing mitigations for potential adverse effects (if any) on the community;

6.     Maximize the use of sustainable transportation modes, including public transit, bicycling and walking while minimizing conflicts between those modes and automobile transportation, and

7.     Provide a net fiscal benefit to the Port and the City.

We will continue to monitor the progress of the project’s design and entitlement process.

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