SPUR'S Project Review Committee looks at proposals of citywide importance, evaluating their potential to enhance the vitality of city life in San Francisco according to the policy priorities and principles of good urban design supported by SPUR.

SPUR recognizes that quality urban design can take many forms and is ultimately determined by a variety of factors, including the appropriate use or mix of uses, scale, site orientation, attention to physical and historical context, mitigation of environmental effects, treatment of the public realm, and effective management of circulation and transit needs. 

No matter what means a project uses to achieve its goals, the committee will seek in it what nearly all good urban designs have in common: the creation of a collective environment that draws people together by being emotionally exciting or satisfying, safe, physically comfortable, useful and visually appealing. Equally important to the committee, in our effort to improve the quality and innovation of built projects in San Francisco, are a project's intangible qualities that contribute to the vibrancy, elegance and distinctiveness of the city.


Get involved

The SPUR Project Review Committee creates a greater constituency for good urbanism through practical example. Join us! For more information, contact SPUR Community Development Director Kristy Wang at kwang@spur.org.

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Projects reviewed to date: