2016 Good Government Awards: How the RAD Team Helps Create Housing for Vulnerable Populations
March 29, 2016


The 2016 Good Government Awards, held on March 21, recognized outstanding performances by managers working for the City and County of San Francisco.

In 2013, the federal agency in charge of safeguarding public housing dubbed our local oversight body–the San Francisco Housing Authority–as deeply troubled. As a result, the agency was disbanded and a new plan developed to establish a new way of providing housing for the City’s most vulnerable populations. The Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) team is leading the interagency effort to manage and convert 4,584 units of public housing to affordable housing and improve homes for more than 8,000 of the city’s lowest income residents. The RAD team identified a creative portfolio of $780 million in funding to support the rehabilitation of these 29 public housing sites, in stark contrast to the $5 million per year previously available. With adroit focus, the RAD team has kept up momentum to reach the program’s goal: improve the lives and well being of the City’s most vulnerable residents through improved living conditions and decent, safe housing.​




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