Good Government Awards: How Cheryl Nashir Increased Retail Sales at SFO
May 12, 2011

SPUR’s 31st annual Good Government Awards, held earlier this year, honored five City of San Francisco employees and teams who have performed exceptionally, becoming models for other agencies and cities around the country.

Cheryl Nashir received an award in recognition of her leadership and vision in making San Francisco Airport a vibrant marketplace and increasing revenue. Since joining the Airport in 2006 she has developed and managed a dynamic mix of food and beverage, retail stores, advertising programs and other services, with the majority of selected businesses operating in the Bay Area. This has resulted in a 24% increase in the Airport’s revenue, totaling $98.7 million annually. This boost in revenue means the airport contributes $3 million to the city’s General Fund, during a time when the city faces enormous budget deficits. In addition, Nashir’s successful concessions program for Terminal 2 will generate $4.6 million to the Airport and $700,000 to the General Fund. Under Ms. Nashir’s supervision, SFO has achieved the highest food and beverage sales per passenger of any airport in the United States, as well as the third highest retail sales.

Watch our video about Cheryl Nashir's work:

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