Election 2010 Resources
October 21, 2010


Election Day is fast approaching - make sure you're not stranded at the voting booth without all the right information. We've compiled a list of resources on San Francisco and statewide Props to help you navigate the ballot this November.

SPUR Voter Guide: SPUR's official analysis of San Francisco's ballot measures, including detailed pros and cons, and an official position on each measure.

California Choices: Non-partisan analysis of statewide ballot measures. There's also a complete list of ballot endorsements by non-profits, unions, newspapers, political parties and gubernatorial candidates.

Legislative Analyst's Office: Government analysis from the state's non-partisan fiscal and policy advisor.

California Budget Project: Analyses of state fiscal and tax Propositions, emphasizing their implications for middle- and low-income California residents.

Ballotpedia: A ballot wiki and "interactive almanac of state politics."

[Photo Credit: flickr user nshepard]


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