Young Urbanists

Young Urbanists are members under 40 dedicated to promoting better cities and cultivating support for SPUR. They receive invitations to Ballots and Brews, special evening events, networking opportunities, workshops, tours and more.

To become a Young Urbanist, simply check the Young Urbanist box when you join or renew. There is no additional cost.


Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming young urbanist events at this time.

Past Events

Oct30Wed 6:00 p.m.San Francisco99% Invisible: Unbuilt SF Live!Learn more >>
Oct17Thu 6:00 p.m.San JoseCity Trivia Night IILearn more >>
Oct15Tue 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoBallots and BrewsLearn more >>
Apr9Tue 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoUrban AgentsLearn more >>
Mar26Tue 6:30 p.m.San FranciscoCity Trivia Night: Live Free or Trivia HardLearn more >>
Mar13Wed 6:00 p.m.San JoseCity Trivia NightLearn more >>
Jan31Thu 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoSwitchLearn more >>
Jan9Wed 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoThe Bay LightsLearn more >>
Nov12Mon 6:30 p.m.San FranciscoCity Trivia Night IIILearn more >>
Oct30Tue 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoBallots and BrewsLearn more >>