Past Events

Jun3Tue 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumLean Transportation PlanningLearn more >>
Jun3Tue 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumA Tale of Two TowersLearn more >>
Jun5Thu 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.San FranciscoSPUR Member Parties2014 SPUR Member Party | San FranciscoLearn more >>
Jun10Tue 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumImplementing Equitable TODLearn more >>
Jun10Tue 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumEmpowering the Local Economy - SOLD OUTLearn more >>
Jun11Wed 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumNext Generation InfrastructureLearn more >>
Jun12Thu 12:30 p.m.San JoseLunchtime ForumNext Generation InfrastructureLearn more >>
Jun12Thu 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumDriving Electric in SF - NEW DATELearn more >>
Jun12Thu 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumParking: A Temporary Problem?Learn more >>
Jun12Thu 6:00 p.m.San JoseEvening ForumLatino UrbanismLearn more >>
Jun17Tue 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumGetting It Built: Housing in San FranciscoLearn more >>
Jun18Wed 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumCoastal Management at Ocean BeachLearn more >>
Jun18Wed 12:30 p.m.San JoseLunchtime ForumBlazing TrailsLearn more >>
Jun19Thu 12:30 p.m.San JoseLunchtime ForumWhere VTA Goes, Communities GrowLearn more >>
Jun23Mon 10:30 a.m.San FranciscoWalking TourBehind the Scenes at Moscone CenterLearn more >>
Jun23Mon 1:00 p.m.San JoseWalking TourA Walking History of St. James ParkLearn more >>
Jun24Tue 11:00 a.m.San JoseWalking TourFrom Waste to WaterLearn more >>
Jun24Tue 12:00 p.m.San FranciscoWalking TourHayes Valley’s New Gateway: 8 OctaviaLearn more >>
Jun25Wed 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumCANCELED- The New Ground Floor: Street Level ProductionLearn more >>
Jun26Thu 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumBlock 2.0: Re-Designing the Humble Concrete BlockLearn more >>
Jun26Thu 12:30 p.m.San JoseLunchtime ForumA Street Life Plan for Downtown San JoseLearn more >>