Past Events

Sep1Tue 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumJob sprawl and the polycentric megaregionLearn more >>
Sep2Wed 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumResuscitating Pier 70Learn more >>
Sep8Tue 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumGrowing Urban HabitatsLearn more >>
Sep9Wed 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumInnovation in SF public schoolsLearn more >>
Sep9Wed 5:30 p.m.San FranciscoUrban Leaders ForumSpecial Reception and Presentation with San Francisco Planning Director, John RahaimLearn more >>
Sep10Thu 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumArchiving the cityLearn more >>
Sep15Tue 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumPlay in the city Learn more >>
Sep16Wed 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoWalking TourThe new Old Mint Learn more >>
Sep17Thu 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoWalking TourTour of Bay MeadowsLearn more >>
Sep18Fri 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoSpecial ProgramPARK(ing) Day!Learn more >>
Sep18Fri 3:00 p.m.San FranciscoWalking TourThe city and the Urban CenterLearn more >>
Sep19Sat 11:00 a.m.San FranciscoYoung UrbanistsChanges afoot (apedal?) for bicycling in San FranciscoLearn more >>
Sep21Mon 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumEmBIKEadero: 2009 Patri Fellowship PresentationLearn more >>
Sep22Tue 7:30 a.m.San FranciscoBusiness BreakfastNat Ford, Executive Director SFMTALearn more >>
Sep22Tue 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumIs the train coming?: an update on high-speed railLearn more >>
Sep22Tue 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoYoung UrbanistsUrban salon nightLearn more >>
Sep24Thu 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoWalking TourThe Eco-Industrial Park: Pier 90-94 BacklandsLearn more >>
Sep29Tue 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoLunchtime ForumThe story of William Stout BooksLearn more >>
Sep29Tue 6:00 p.m.San FranciscoEvening ForumGOOD Design SFLearn more >>
Sep30Wed 12:30 p.m.San FranciscoWalking TourInvade the Armory!Learn more >>