Weekly Snapshot: LA Puts a Halt to Red Light Cameras

By Justin Baker Rhett
July 28, 2011
A worker prepares to install a red light camera in Los Angeles. Image by flickr user waltarrrrr

In Los Angeles, the City Council voted unanimously to put an end to its traffic enforcement camera program.  The program, which used cameras to identify drivers who ran red lights at city intersections, had cost Los Angeles 1.5 million dollars a year due to unpaid tickets. On top of the financial issues, studies raised doubt as to whether or not the program was effective in reducing the number of accidents on L.A. streets, further delegitimizing the traffic enforcement program.

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How Urbanist Visionaries Can Muck Up Transit

A blog post highlights the flaws of “visionary thinking” by developers when they imagine future transit.

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Looking at the Mix for a Child-Friendly City

In San Francisco, the continued decline of the youth population in the city has government officials looking for answers. 
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America’s Most (and Least) Walkable Cities

This year, New York City has surpassed San Francisco as the most walkable city in the country, according to rankings from Walk Score.