Weekly Snapshot: Newark is Building for Business

July 7, 2011

The Newark Paramount Theatre. Image courtesy roccocell

After suffering from the crippling effects of urban decay for decades, Newark, New Jersey city officials, lead by Mayor Cory A. Booker, are facilitating the development of 700 million dollars worth of construction projects in Newark this year. Mayor Booker has used state subsidies to help lure major companies such as Panasonic and Manischewitz to establish headquarters in Newark. While some critics believe these developments will fail to solve many of the cities most pressing issues, including unemployment, many consider the new construction projects to be a radically positive shift in the city’s trajectory.

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More from the week in urbanism:

Only Five Networked Cars For Every 1,000 Would End Traffic
Researchers working with the Germany-based automobile company, Opel, have reported that it would take only five WiFi-connected cars for every 1,000 automobiles to solve traffic congestion issues.

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L.A. Prepares for Worst and Hopes for Best in Freeway Shutdown
In Los Angeles, city transportation officials are attempting to prepare drivers for “Carmageddon”, a massive traffic jam caused by the closure of eleven miles of Interstate 405 for construction.

Erik Estrada alerts drivers to the upcoming road closures:

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200 injured at rally against Italian high-speed rail link
The controversy surrounding the development of a high-speed rail link between Italy and France reached new heights this past weekend when nearly two hundred police officers and protestors were injured during a protest in Northern Italy.

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