The Weekly Snapshot

March 18, 2011
The Weekly Snapshot is a look back at some of the most compelling stories in the world of urban planning and policy
RarelySeen. [Photo by flickr user brutalSoCal]

Teaching Urban Design

This year, Parsons will offer the nation's first ever undergraduate degree in Urban Design. Urban Omnibus talks with Victoria Marshall, the program's director, about her goal of teaching "how to see the city as a designer."

Where to Drill Next: Main Street
A 2001 study found that building fuel-efficient cars would save more oil than land and ocean drilling could ever hope to gain. On the heels of these findings, author Deron Lovaas suggests that our next move should be to create more oil-saving opportunities in cities and suburbs.

Study Finds Access to Real-Time Mobile Information Could Raise Standard of Public Transit
In order to investigate how information technology could improve experiences of public transit, Latitude Research and Next American City followed eighteen drivers for one week as they went car free. Their findings suggest that although car-owners value the freedom driving provides, mobile information solutions could replicate this sense of autonomy.

Walmart Enters Washington in Drive to Open Stores in Big Cities
In hopes of expanding its stores into large U.S. cities, Walmart is embracing mixed-use, pedestrian friendly and transit-oriented development for the design of its proposed Washington D.C. location.

A photo series reveals the often overlooked beauty that can be found in our everyday infrastructure.