Good government in the age of austerity

March 2, 2011

There is a lot happening this month in the world of urbanism. While the economy seems to be improving, the recession is reverberating through the budgets of all public agencies. As you will see in this month's programs and featured items, we continue to try to make progress on the big master plans and key infrastructure investments. At the same time, we are faced with immediate and severe budget cuts to public services, from Caltrain to Rec-Park. Redevelopment may be going away entirely (click here for information about the upcoming Redevelopment debate). The March Urbanist, mailed this week to all SPUR members, features a piece by SPUR's new Good Government Policy Director, Corey Marshall, previewing our thinking about the City budget. As another round of cuts looms for City departments, we are hard at work coming up with practical solutions that will preserve essential public services. Email Corey at to get involved with our work.