Weekly Snapshot

February 28, 2011
The Weekly Snapshot is a look back at a few of the most interesting stories in urban planning and policy
Pillow fight, Justin Herman Plaza. [Photo by flickr user AliThanaWalla]


Liberation Squares

In light of the recent revolutions in Egypt and the Middle East, public squares are once again emerging as the epicenters of social change.

Frank Lloyd Wright for the 21st Century
A new exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum examines the modern day implications of Frank Lloyd Wright's organismic model of architecture, and envisions how he would react to the inefficient and unnatural suburbs of today.

Helsinki's Underground Master Plan
The city of Helsinki, Finland is building hundreds of underground facilities in order to avoid urban sprawl and free up the land, however it's unclear just how environmentally friendly the city's "subterranean world" actually is.

Everything You Want To Know About Energy In China in One Infographic
A cool infographic shows the breakdown of energy consumption in China and reveals that 97% of Chinese surveyed think their government should be doing more to combat global climate change.

Elderly Madrid Man Builds Incredible Spanish Cathedral Entirely From Trash
An elderly Madrid man has constructed a 131 foot cathedral nearly single-handedly, using no blueprints or engineering plans, and only salvaged or found building materials.